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bottom outfit: bowtie: Little Mister |  moccasins:Freshly Picked  |  undershirt: Old Navy  |  romper: Gap  
my dress: Asos 

It’s MONDAY and you know what that is… Mom Talk Monday!!!!

Today I am talking about something that I am sure I am not the only mama who goes through this… Mom guilt! 
Of course it varies in all degrees but lately I have found my self feeling guilty for silly reasons. Must mean I am a mom, right! 

For example. This past weekend my husband and I were out with friends two nights in a row. We spent a good few hours with them. Husband and I too, turns holding Edison the entire night. I even played in the grass with him, yet on the drive home I say to my husband. ‘I feel guilty! I feel I didn’t give Edison enough of my attention. I held him most of the night but I didn’t interact with him like I do at home. laugh, play, tickle, read a book and so forth.” But again, I was with him the whole time so why do I feel this way?!! PLEASE tell me I am not the only one?? 
So basically I need mama and me time 24/7 🙂 

Another example, Last week I went out for the first time without Edison in the evening. I have gone several times in the morning and left him with my Husband, but a first time for the night. Knowing I wasn’t going to see him until morning just about did me over!!! 
So as I get to my event I felt GUILTY again. Guilty that I wasn’t there to put him to bed and give him a big fat kiss! Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time away and felt very refreshed after. But I couldn’t help but feel a small amount of guilt. 
Is this something you other mamas experience too? 

​xo, Camilla 


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