I sure do have Maui on my mind and already missing the beautiful beaches, cozy pools, good food and great company that we experienced this past week!

I had so many requests to share all of our Maui favorites with you and soon! Since several of you are heading there in the next couples of months. To be honest, I got this post up way quicker than I would have guessed. But I wanted everything to be fresh on my mind. Not only that, but so many of you wanted links to what I wore and I wanted the items to still be available to shop for those of you who are interested.

In today’s post you will get links to everything I packed and wore and some of Edison’s items he wore too. Where we stayed, what we did and where we ate! I of course included several of your suggestions that maybe we never got to do or somewhere we never got the chance to eat. But I as sure to include them for those of you who can!

This was Brandon and I’s second time to Maui. We actually vacationed here on our Honeymoon almost 7 years ago! It’s crazy that it has been that long since we have visited the beautiful island, let alone, be married almost that long! Time sure is speeding by, isn’t it! It was so fun to be able to try new things this time visiting that we weren’t able to do the first time. We did of course revisit or do some of the same things we did 7 years ago that we were sure we didn’t want to miss. There really isn’t enough time to do everything if you are visiting just for one week, so I hope this post helps you in your vacation planning!


I’ll admit, It was a bit more of a challenge to try to find clothing to fit my almost 32 week bump. Luckily we went at a good time where so many good Spring and Summer dresses and jumpsuits had just started to flood stores that I was able to make it work. Either way, I feel like as long as you pack plenty of swimsuits, sunglasses, swim cover ups, you are set!

I was not able to find the links to this red gingham bikini from Forever 21. Linking similar ones below. Including what I wore as a cover up and my accessories

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Edison’s Swim Trunks: Pearl Street Swim 

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Sharing more links to other items I packed and wore that are not pictured

What I packed for Edison






Brandon and I’s main goal was to mostly relax on this trip. We haven’t had a vacation to layback, relax and enjoy since buying our home a year ago. It was exactly what we needed! We told each other we would be happy to just find the perfect beaches and enjoy a few relaxing days at the pool. So that is what we did!


We stopped by Paia Bay beach a couple times just because it was a good pit stop after traveling awhile in the car for the Road T0 Hana trip and then again the first day we arrived where we had been driving the car getting a feel for the island before wanting to get out to rest and play.

It is a fun beach. Simple, easy parking and bathrooms!


(pictured below)

Hands down our favorite beach we found! If you have kids I highly recommended this beach. The name alone explains why this beach is great for young children. We actually found this beach our last night in Maui and were so sad we never found it sooner! There is a large barrier  several feet out which prevents any big waves from coming to shore.

Edison is not one to ever go into the ocean. He sees the waves and immediately turns around and heads back to the beach aka safe ground. However, at Baby Beach we couldn’t stop this kid from entering the ocean the moment we got to the beach. He ran straight into the ocean and we hadn’t even set up our beach towels or set down our bags. IT’S THAT GOOD!



We had ventured to Wailea for the day which was a first for both Brandon and I. It was so pretty on that side of the island.

We had heard of Big beach and were glad we stopped by. It was such a fun beach and you don’t feel crowded by other people since it is a bit larger beach.

Some of you recommended to go to Big Beach if you have a family, and Small Beach if you are alone or with your spouse. Small beach is just down the road from Big Beach.

We did attempt to get into the ocean while at Big Beach and the waves were too big for us! We walked in and I thought I was going to get tumbled back to the beach. Just an FYI if you have your kids.




Honolua Bay

Kapalua – For Sea Turtle Sightings




This was our second time in Maui as I mentioned above, and there were a few things we did this time that were new to us. But looking back, there is still so much more to see and do! It’s so hard to fit it all in, in just a week. Especially if you are wanting to relax a bit. Here is what we did this trip.


This was a first for us! It was a quick and easy hike. I don’t even know if I should call it a hike, but I would recommend wearing good shoes with traction. Try avoiding any flip flops or slide type sandals. The small trail is a lot of climbing up and down rocks.

The entire visit took us about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

The hike is still great for kids. We did have to carry Edison who is almost 2.5 years old the majority of the time since there were big rocks to climb over, his little legs just didn’t cut it. But it can still be done. Older kids, no problem!

A side note. We drove up the highway until we saw the mile marker 38.5. That is where we stopped and hiked down.

I suggest going to the Blowhole first. It was recommended to us to stay on the dry rocks, the wet rocks can be dangerous!
After looking at the Blowhole and seeing the amazing small rainbows that are created, look to your right and you will see the Heart Rock. Look closely, because it is A LOT smaller than I pictured. It still is so fun to see!



One of Maui’s most talked about roads. I am not even certain how many twists and turns are on the route, but just be prepared for A LOT!

A couple of recommendations: If you are in a large group and have to sit in the back of the car, I suggest having Dramamine with you and take one on the drive up and another on the drive back. I didn’t get motion sickness, but I was up front with the AC blowing on me at FULL BLAST!  I have heard of several people having a hard time with being carsick. I can see it easily happening.

Don’t let that scare you though, the views are spectacular! We didn’t make it all the way to the hike with the waterfall this go around, but we were amazed again and again with the gorgeous views and look outs.

Plan an entire day for traveling the Road To Hana. You will make lots of stops for viewing and of course beach pit stops.



This was easily one of our favorite things we would do at night. I think we went a total of 3 times. Mainly because it was close to our resort making it convenient which was a must for this pregnant mama. We would mostly go in the evening to get our shaved ice at Ululanis. We would eat, walk around the shops and art galleries as well. It’s fun to see the Banyan Tree’s closer to the Historic park. One night there was a car show going on so Brandon was sure to not miss it!


This was such a highly recommended thing from so many of you since we had Edison with us. It was a lot of fun, but I do wish we had a stroller for this day. Edison’s attention span is very quick and he moved on rather fast. So it was hard to enjoy some of the amazing aquariums. But I still would do it again!




Thanks to my blogger gal pals for telling me about the amazing shopping in Wailea.

This is where the Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores are located that have a 15-25% discount on their handbags! So if you are in the market for a new designer handbag and are heading to either Maui or Oahu, I suggest you stop at these two designer stores.

I personally stopped in at Gucci and got myself a new handbag and belt. The handbag was 25% off! Amazing right?

Here is what I bought



We love stopping at Paia to get any fun souvenirs. They have a lot of great restaurants as well.

When it comes to finding souvenirs as we travel. I look for two things: A book for Edison and Christmas ornament for myself.
We have a faux Christmas tree that I keep clean and simple with pretty ornaments, but we do buy a small live tree that we call our “Travel Tree” It’s so fun to see all the ornaments you have collected over the years. (plus it’s not a knick knack that you have to find a place on a shelf for, they are packed away each year!)

Since having Edison I started to buy books in the city, state or country we travel to. I am always sure to write the date and year we go. It will be a fun way for him to remember and learn more about the places he has traveled too since I am sure he is too young to remember.



Whale Watching

Snorkeling at Molokini Crater – We did this when it was just Brandon and I on our honeymoon and it is really a lot of fun. You do have to take a boat to the crater, but they make a day out of it so it is fun!

The Reef Dancer – Small Submarine Ride – recommended to do with children.

Drive Haleakala

Luau – I am so sad we didn’t get to do this while we were there. I never booked any tickets and they two days we were able to were sold out. But Brandon and I did the one at Old Lahaiana Luau when we visited 7 years ago. Such a fun experience.



We stayed at the Honua Kai Resort and Spa. I highly recommend it to!

We actually stayed here 7 years ago while on our honeymoon and really never got to appreciate the fun pools. I think we were more interested in exploring Maui. This time however, we were really able to enjoy the pools which make this resort amazing!

Very kid friendly too! The pools are so much fun for kids. We packed Edison’s puddle jumper and he was able to play in 2 areas that are designated for small children with shallow water. Our favorite is this area (pictured below) that had rocks on the bottom. Edison was obsessed with the entire place.

The pool area also has a quiet zone for those who want to relax. Also a lazy river, slide and two separate pools. One that is heated too! Major must for me!

Not only are the pools amazing at the Honua Kai Resort. But the rooms are perfect for spending a week away from home.
They have a full kitchen with microwave, stove, oven, and fridge with plates and utensils.

There is a living room that is separate from the bedroom. Making it so easy with kids. We were able to step away for nap time and bedtime and let Edison be in his own space.

The Resort is very accommodating. They provide towels for the pool or beach. You are able to valet your car daily and they will unload or load your car for you. It really is those little things that are amazing while on Vacation.

We loved having Dukes Restaurant close by to. We ate there a few times for lunch just after leaving the pool. Yummy too

Another thing that I loved about our location of our Resort was a close by grocery store. We stopped by at least 5 times for food, snacks, waters, etc. It is right across the street which was so convenient

I will admit that we got a screaming deal on our stay. Brandon was searching and searching and found our exact room through Vrbo. The reason it was so affordable was because they are doing construction close by and since our view was overlooking the construction they dropped the rate more than half the price! We knew we wouldn’t mind the construction view and were just happy to save money that way. And no, there was no construction noise which was a major bonus!

We did have to find a place to stay the last night, due to our room not being available. So we packed up our things and drove down the road to Kaanapali Shores.

It was also really nice as far as the rooms go. They were older and a bit darker compared to the Honua Kai. But not terrible.

We loved that they also had a full kitchen and separate bedroom with living room.

The downside is a smaller pool. Lots smaller! But if you plan to only lay out and swim one or two of your days, it would be great for that.

The garden area was landscaped beautifully!

Another downside was paying to park and paying $10 a day to go to their gym.




Finding good food is always one of our favorite things to do while we travel. So that we did! Thanks to the help from many of you who recommended so many favorite. I just wish we were able to eat at more of them.


We ate at Dukes 3 times. Not only is it good food, but it was super convenient. It is right behind our hotel and right off the swimming pools. Two of the days after we finished swimming we stopped by for lunch to get the nachos. YUM! I also tried their Pina Colada (virgin) and it was so good! Another night we decided to stay in and Brandon went and picked up our order for us to eat in our room.

It has a beach view too (pictured below)




This place was highly recommended and it did not disappoint!

So yummy! Another gorgeous view of the ocean while you eat. We also stepped away for a moment while we waited for our food because we spotted 2 Sea Turtles from our table. Thanks to the lady at the restaurant who spotted them first. This photo below is where we spotted them. Such a fun place


Yes! You could say I was obsessed. I think we got a total of 4 shaved ices while we were there. Wish I had found them on day one. But it’s also probably a good thing I didn’t too 🙂 Just beware of the long lines. This place is super popular.

We always got something different, but our top flavors we would add were mango, passion fruit, tigers blood, red raspberry and coconut. Of course we couldn’t turn down the vanilla ice cream and the “snow cap”


I was in the mood for some fresh fruit so a Acai Bowl sounded so good!

This spot is right inside a small Farmers Market in Kaanapali.



KIHEI CAFE – BREAKFAST –  Such a good breakfast spot! We ate here the first time we came and it is delicious. They had a fun Whale pancake for Edison, which he loved. There is also some fun local pop up shops to look around and a children’s park across the street.

LOCAL BOYS SHAVED ICE – In my opinion I loved Ululanis WAY more! The Local Boys was recommended by some of you, but I didn’t love it. But then again, I am a shaved ice snob since I worked at one in high school!

MONKEY POD KITCHEN – We stopped here while we were in Wailea. It was really good!

FOOD TRUCKS – Another one of those great location/convenience places. This was right next to our resort so we stopped by one night grabbed some good loco Moco food and headed back to eat in our room.

LAHAINA PIZZA COMPANY  – Brandon loved this place! It was really good. We of course got pineapple on our pizza!

HANA PICNIC LUNCH COMPANY – If you are traveling the Road to Hana and are starting your drive in the morning or early afternoon, I highly recommend this place. They basically pack you a picnic lunch to enjoy later in the day. There isn’t many places to eat along the road to Hana, so having this option was so great!


Mama’s Fish House – This was the #1 most recommended place to eat. But they do book out. So make a reservation the day you arrive or before. We didn’t try to make a reservation until we were there about 3-4 days. So the only time slot they had available didn’t work with our schedule.

Leodas – For Pies

Star Noodle

Flatbread Pizza Co.

Slappy Cake

Tin Roof

Hula Grill

The Plantation House

The Gazebo – Breakfast

Manoli’s Pizza



Heading to Maui, Hawaii soon? Camilla of Navy Grace shares a family guide to Maui. Where to stay, what to do, where to eat and more.

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