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Happy Mama Monday my friends!
If you have been following the last few months you may have caught on that I have started to devote my Mondays to all things mama and baby related. That way you guys know what to expect for my typical weekly blogging posts. 
Wednesday and Friday are Fashion and Saturday I share five of my top favorite things I am currently loving. 
It depends on the week, but I will sometimes throw in a 5th post for a sale or wish list type post. 

Today I wanted to talk all about the Amber Stone teething necklace. 
I get asked so much where I got mine for Edison, what I think of it, and if it really does work and yada yada… So today I hope to answer a few questions. 

I decided to go with this Baltic brand from Amazon. I got this cognac color here just for personal preference. 
They are super affordable and was only $16.99, plus if your baby is currently teething and you will be so glad to have Amazon Prime and get it in the mail in two days!! Worth it! 
I ended up getting this necklace because I had heard from so many mama friends and so many of you that they work wonders. I thought it would be worth a shot to give it a try, what was it going to hurt? Although my husband thinks he looks like a girl wearing a necklace 🙂 Too bad, babe!! We will just keep calling him Rosie then! (You would understand if you watched my recent IG story) 

Edison has been wearing his amber necklace for about two weeks and to be honest, I am not sure if I have yet to notice a difference. However, I don’t think he is actually cutting any teeth at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that one is coming in the near further. 
He has already cut his two bottom teeth so I know the third will be on it’s way sooner than later. Maybe it already is, and I am not aware because the amber stone necklace is doing it’s job and helping to soothe the pain!!!

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xo, Camilla 


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