If you can’t tell by these photos — which I feel is pretty obvious 🙂 — lately, Edison has NOT been in the mood for taking photos, which makes it harder and harder these days to get ‘the’ shot. I mean, I can get several photos all right, but they turn out like this: hair in face, blurry, feet by my face, both of us pulling an ugly face, you name it. Not pretty and extra hard. 

Thankfully not everything has to be hard in motherhood. Especially laundry. Thank heavens for Dreft Baby Detergent! 

We have been using Dreft detergent ever since Edison was a newborn and still continue to use it as he is growing into the toddler (dirty) phases. 

I wanted to share a fun little, true story about how we started using Dreft. 

Back when I was pregnant, and very close to being due, I did the typical thing that most nesting mothers do: wash all the newborn clothing before the baby arrives. I had purchased a detergent, washed a few batches of clothing, and wasn’t impressed by it. Several of the baby clothing still smelt like the store, and didn’t have the freshly washed feeling.

 I knew it was time to find a new trusted detergent. That’s when I came to you all! I remember asking on my IG stories what detergent you mamas used for you newborns and children. I had so many amazing reposes all guiding me to Dreft. We made the transition right away and haven’t used anything else since. The iconic baby scent is so refreshing, and it actually cleans the clothing unlike the previous brand I used.  

Take my word for it, and don’t make the same mistake I did. Trust me when I tell you Dreft is the way to go!!  As fun as it is seeing Edison grow and enter the toddler territory, I must say it makes me so sad that he is not my small little baby anymore. I love that just the scent of Dreft detergent brings me back to those newborn days I loved.  Have any of you used Dreft. Did you love it? What were your good experiences with it? Follow me on Instagram for more updates. 


xo, Camilla


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