But does Eddie Boy’s face not say “Look at my new shoes Mama!”
I loved that he was just as excited for these new Robeez kids shoes as I was to give them to him.


I am so excited to introduce you to Robeez Baby Shoes. They make soft sole shoes that are perfect for children the age of 1-2. A great shoe for your baby who has just learned to walk. I only kept Edison in soft sole when he just turned 1 and was learning to walk. It is easier for them when they can feel the ground with their feet and toes.

One of my favorite things about Robeez is how affordable they are. Especially when they grow into the next bigger size so quickly. You don’t feel bad having to purchase another pair.

They not only have some adorable shoes for little boys because they are killing it in the baby girl department. (see my favorites below)

Edison’s Shoes: Robeez  |  Edison’s shirt: Robeez  |  Shorts: Cotton On

Striped Top: Project Social T  |   Bermuda shorts: AGOLDE  |  sandals: Urban Outfitters

Not only are these cute soft sole shoes from Robeez adorable, but I can’t get over this little button down tee from Robeez’s Fall Collection that says ‘I love Bagel’. Plus it has a little pizza on the front. I feel this shirt makes Edison look so grown up and I am not sure how to deal with him getting so darn big. I keep thinking he is only 4 months from turning two! Can time please slow down!!

Robeez is having a huge summer sale right now offering up to 50 percent off on specific items! Hurry Quick!!

Here are a few other items I am loving from Robeez.

Oliver Soft Shoes 

Aiden Oxford First Kicks

Ellie Espadrille First Kicks 

Wildflowers Soft Sole

Zachary High Top 

Adeline Ankle Strap  

Billy Goat Shirt 

Floral Top 

xo, Camilla

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