Cheetah or leopard whatever you want to name it. I like it!
I feel that cheetah print has never gone out of style, but it is really making it’s way back with bold new pieces. Just like camo is making a big debut back too. See my camo/military look here.

I have been seeing so much leopard print items lining the stores and online shops, but it wasn’t until I saw this jacket that I decided I better give it a go again! I love that this leopard in the summer works and will flow easily into Fall with a sweater and booties.

leopard jacket: Topshop  |  black button up tank: Madewell (on sale!!)  |  wide leg jeans: Topshop  |  sandals: Shopbop  |  macrame handbag: Urban Outfitters  |  sunglasses: Rayban  |  fedora hat: similar here


I have been getting several frequently asked questions lately, and I felt that I should share them here.

Q: What do you and your husband do for work?

A: I started blogging full time about a year and a half ago and really spend my time focusing on my blog as well as being a stay at home mama to Edison. Love that this job allows me to watch my little buddy grow each day.
Brandon currently owns and runs a Solar company by himself. It’s called Sun Vantage Solar and he manages a team here locally in San Diego as well as one in Colorado.

Q: What sunglasses do I wear the most in my IG Stories

A: Rayban 50mm Round Metal Sunglasses  – I ordered the smaller framed pair because I have a smaller face frame. Most people think I got the bigger size, but actually is the smaller pair. They do make a 53mm size available here. I would recommended getting this if you have a larger head and face.  I really do love this pair of sunglasses and are easily my most worn pair.

Q: How have I been editing my photos lately?

A: I have been using a full range of presets that I have purchased. It has taken me a little while to get a feel for what I want and what overall look I want to create, I don’t feel like I am quite there, which is why I have been using so many presets from different influencers. But so far I am loving the new look. I have also created my own variation of presets that I will also use too.
Emily Vartanian Mobile Preset Pack 
Emily Vartanian 2.0 Mobile Preset Pack  (newest one I just purchased)
Tezza Everythang Power Pack 
For the most part I use the Emily Vartanian Lightroom presets and my own custom one I created!

– The most recent ones I started using is the Emmy Lowe Presets. I love Bright eyes, Hazy Spin, and Strawberry Fields

I have had my eye on the Jordan Zobrist and Quigley Presets too. Also, I love Jordan and have known her since childhood and worked with her a few times now. So her work has always been a huge fan of mine!

Q: Where are we moving?

A: We are still staying here in San Diego! We can’t leave, we love it here too much. We have currently been renting a home in Escondido for almost 2 years. Also, we are still staying in Escondido, but moving about 10 minutes from our current rental. We will be in the Hidden Meadows area.

Q: What are my favorite closet staples, is leopard in the summer included??

A: I always tend to go for basics. So having a good pair of denim and a white tee. You can do so much with just a white tee. Throw of a denim jacket, Moro jacket, cardigan, wear a neck scarf, wear it under a jumpsuit or dress. I love adding a belt with my white tee and jeans to make it ‘not so basic’. As far as shoes go, I can’t live without my mules!

I also had a few other questions you all wanted me to cover, like how we are loving our Tesla X, how I started blogging, which you can read here, (also read my 11 tips to blogging here) and how I style my hair. I hope to be going over all of these questions soon on my IG stories.

xo Camilla


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