Who doesn’t love a good Amazon haul? I know I do! I love seeing what other people are buying from amazon, and a lot of times I end up finding new favorites, so today, I thought I’d share my LATEST AMAZON BUYS that I bought last month in December. You can find a lot of household necessities this time around, and a few things for the kids as well. I ended up really liking a lot of these which is why I purchased them again to give as gifts.




latest amazon buys | Amazon Buys by popular San Diego life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman walking outside and wearing a brown mock neck body suit, black faux leather paper bag pants, and black slide mules.


latest amazon buys |Amazon Buys by popular San Diego life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of coconut palm sugar, black face masks, Zarbees, re-useable tumbler, Crio Bru, light up ball, bundt cake pan, Lets Talk book, Elderberry Kids gummies, Hydro Flask bottle, Ring web cam, Weleda skin food, Matte Separation, Electronic mop.






latest amazon buys |Amazon Buys by popular San Diego life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman wearing an all white outfit with tan Gucci loafers and a tan felt fedora hat.


1 // Organic Coconut Palm Sugar 

I’m trying to be more mindful and make healthier choices this year, so I decided I’d pick this up for a healthier alternative for regular sugar. It is a natural sweetener, and is perfect for cooking and baking. I love adding it to my Crio Bru as well.


2 // Bed Head Workable Wax

I’ve been using this product in Edison’s hair the last couple of years. We were running low and I love that this is a duo pack. One to keep in the bathroom and the other stored in our travel bags.


3 // Kids Face Masks

In all reality got these face masks for myself! I love that they are disposable, black, and fit my smaller face frame. They come in a 50 pk, and also come in different colors and prints that they will love.


4 // Zarbee’s Cough Syrup

I love Zarbee’s products for the kids, and during the winter, this cough syrup is a lifesaver! Anytime the kids start getting sick, this helps them so much, and they’re much better in no time.


5 // Washable Crayons

These crayons have been a huge lifesaver and have probably helped save me from a lot of headaches. Crayons can be a little messy, especially when kids don’t color within the lines… or the paper. I really like that they’re washable, safe, and nontoxic.


6 // Gift Wrap Organizer

Needed a new way to organize gift wrapping supplies, so I recently ordered this and love how neat and tidy everything is now. It was super inexpensive, and is really easy to carry.


7 // Zingo Kids Game

We got this as a gift for our friends, I’ll have to find out if it is a hit or not! It sure has some amazing reviews on amazon.


8 // Glass Tumbler 

Another favorite that I had to buy extras as gifts this year for friends.  It comes in several different colors, and is under $15.


9 // Gladwell Cordless Mop

Just ordered this! Hoping that I will mop more often since it is cordless! It has multiple useful options like waxing, scrubbing, quick spraying for easy cleanups and it is super easy to use.


10 // Crio Bru Brewed Cacao

You guys know how much I love my Crio Bru. I first started to buy it and drink it this summer and continue to have it weekly. I will be sharing my recipe soon!


11 // Flashing Jumping Ball for Kids

Got this new toy for Lucy after her laughing and loving her cousins. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I know she will love it.


12 // Bundt Pan

Ordered a Bundt pan the minute I saw Amber Fillerup share a monkey bread recipe made with Rhodes Rolls.  We made them already and were obsessed!!  Sharing her recipe here for those interested


Rhodes Rolls Monkey Bread 

20 Rhodes Rolls 
1/2 c. Brown Sugar 
1 Small pkg. Butterscotch Pudding (not instant) 
1 Cube Butter 

Grease a Bundt Pan well. Put frozen rolls in pan.
Mix brown sugar and pudding together and sprinkle over rolls. 
Melt butter and pour over all. 

Let Rise overnight and bake in the morning 
Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes 


13 // Simple First Words Book

I got this book for Lucy recently and she’s been loving it! It helps them learn simple first words, and it had great reviews as well.


14 // Elderberry Gummies for Kids

This has been a favorite around here, I give Edison these everyday and he actually eats them. It helps boost their immune system, and has a ton of other vitamins that are great for their little bodies.


15 // Kids Hydro Flask

The kids have been loving their hydro flasks, I’m so glad I got them their own. It helps make drinking water easier for them when they’re drinking out of their favorite cup.


16 // Ring Doorbell

We got this as a gift for my parents this year for Christmas. Now I am thinking we need one 😉


17 // Weleda Body Cream

Edison gets really dry and splotchy skin during the winter. Excited to see if this cream will help. It has over 14k great reviews, and  it is currently on sale.


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latest amazon buys |Amazon Buys by popular San Diego life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman wearing a green utility shirt, white t-shirt, jeans, and a Prada purse.


What are some of your favorite recent Amazon buys?  Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Laura Leigh
    January 11, 2021 / 6:36 am

    thanks for sharing these! definitely trying out the healthier alternative for sugar.

    xo Laura Leigh

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