lady tee: Recycled Design
plaid shirt: Forever 21
flying monkey jeans: Recycled Design
booties: Necessary Clothing

Boss’ Bow tie: Jcpenney 

Meet Boss. 
Boss is a 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog. 
I refer to him as ‘Beast’ half the time 🙂 
My husband and I fought for months on which type of breed of dog we would get to join our little family. I of course wanted something smaller, and he had his heart set on an English Bullie. 
I am beyond grateful we went with my husbands choice (just this one time though) 🙂 
Boss is quite the character of a dog. He makes me laugh on a daily basis with his awkwardness, laziness, noises, snoring, and the love he shows. I can honestly say this big guy has brought so much joy into our lives and I am grateful for the laughter he brings. 
Yes, you can call me crazy, but I consider this pup my fur child and treat him like one too. Might as well until the children come! But I mean doesn’t he just melt your heart with that bow tie on… 🙂

I honestly wish I could post all of the blooper photos of this photoshoot. Im surprised we got as many good ones as we did. LOTS of treats were bribed. (hense all the droll pictured above) 

Well, I sure hope you have fallen in love with Boss today, because this wont be the last time you see him. 


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