All you dog owners can relate to what I am just about to say.
Dogs are messy! Especially bulldogs!

Whether it is slobber, dirt, mud, urine, or even poop, I finally found a perfect solution to fix it all! Rug Doctors All-In-One FlexClean has been a major life saver for us. But most importantly, I am excited to have this product in our new home we will be moving into this next month. 
That is one of my worst fears. Boss having his regular accident on our brand new carpet. Yikes! We luckily won’t have too much carpet in the home, just bedrooms, which is why I love that the Rug Doctor FlexClean also cleans hard floors, as well. 

KEEPING THINGS CLEAN with rug doctor The pet friendly FlexClean is super easy to use. It moves and glides over both carpet and hard surfaced floors easily and just like a lightweight vacuum. I tested it out for the first time on our living room rug and was overall impressed and grossed out at how much dirt the FlexClean had collected. But so grateful that was no longer something we had to deal with while playing on the floor with Edison. 

One of my favorite features about the All-In-One Pet Concentrated Floor Cleaner is that it takes away the smell of urine. Luckily for us, Boss hardly goes potty on our carpets or even hard wood floors, but I do have a busy toddler, who enjoys taking off his diaper to pee on the carpet. So yes, this product is great for anyone, not just dog owners. KEEPING THINGS CLEAN with rug doctor for pet control

Not only does the FlexClean just clean floors, it also will clean upholstery, mattresses, vehicle interior and more. The edges of our couch can get pretty messy with Boss. He doesn’t drool, but he will go eat his food, then come rest his very heavy head on the couch cushion, leaving a bit of a mess on the couch. This can all be fixed now and I can’t even tell you how excited we are about the FlexClean. 

Here is a chance to win some amazing prizes this summer as part of the #RDDogDays contest. 

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xo, Camilla

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