Yay for the weekend!!

Have any big plans?


I am all about having a casual outfit for Friday, Saturday and Sunday because we are generally doing family outings which result in being outside and being a busy mom running after Edison. I love that this jumpsuit screams Spring and is also on the comfortable side.

orange striped jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters (also comes in white with black stripes)  |  cream undershirt: Urban Outfitters – |  sandals: Shopbop  |  straw handbag: Free People – also loving this one that is cheaper – Urban Outfitters  |  hat: Revolve  |  purple sunglasses: UO 

I was so drawn to this fun bright colored jumpsuit, but also loved the other color combination that it comes in too. Cream with black stripes. I figured I would be able to wear the brighter colored one more often by pairing it with a cream top. The other white one would look great with a denim jacket over it!
The best part about this jumpsuit is that you don’t have to undo any buttons when needing to use the restroom. That is a HUGE deal people!! I always hate wearing the jumpsuits that are not so easy to take off and one, especially for someone like me with a small bladder. So this one is loose fitting enough that I can still slide over my shoulders! YAY!!!


xo Camilla


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