Happy Tuesday!
What a week! I know you are being flooded with so many sale posts this week!
Which is another reason I didn’t want to post this post quite yet, of my dressing room looks that I found from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but things are already selling out quickly, so I decided I better share it with you today! I gathered a ton of clothing while I was out shopping and wanted to create several looks using the same pieces that I really loved. I really love having versatile clothing and that is what I felt liked I gravitated toward the most.

This post is lengthy, but it’s good! You can see the top 16 items that I actually took home with me HERE!


JeansCamel Duster/Jacket  |  Booties  |  Mock Neck Tee

Graphic Tee Jeans  |  White Booties  |  Plaid Blazer handbag

Black Mules Jeans  |  Corduroy Jacket  |  White Button Tee

White Button Tee  |  Army Jacket  |  Black Mules Fanny Pack

Camel DusterWhite Booties White Knotted Sweater Denim

Black Booties  |  Jeans  |  Striped Duster  | Black Mock Tee 

Striped Sweater Jeans  |  Black Cardigan Black Mules 

White Tee Navy Plaid Blazer White Booties Tan Knotted Tops 

White Booties Navy Plaid Blazer Jeans  |  White Tee 

Fanny Pack  |  Jeans  |  white Button Tee

White Knotted Sweater Jeans  |  White Booties

Black Mock Tee  |  Jeans   |  Fanny Pack

Baker Boy Hat  |  Bow Detail Top  |  Neck Scarf  |  Jeans  |  Mules

Baker Boy Hat  |  Bow Detail Top  Neck Scarf Jeans  |  MulesPlaid Blazer 

Black MulesTan Bow Pants Knotted Sweater Baker Boy Hat 

Tan Bow PantsYellow Sweater  |  White Booties 

White TeeTan Bow Pants  |  White Booties 

 Denim  |  Nike Sneakers  |  Camel Top 

 Denim  |  Nike Sneakers Bush V Neck Sweater

Snake Skin slidesDenim  |  Wrap Top


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