It’s true!!
I’m ready to build my team and I want you to join my team! 

If you have been following me the last few months, than you would have noticed I took on a new journey becoming a makeup artist for Maskcara Beauty. I have been sharing fun Insta Stories videos where I show just how easy it is to apply the IIID face makeup as well as the Maskcara eyeshadows. I have also been sharing a few blog posts (see herehere and here) recently to start informing you readers about this new product I am loving. 

I have always been a fan and lover of all things beauty and makeup. I love trying new things and to explore my options. I had heard of the brand Maskcara a few years ago back when I was living in St. George, Utah. I met Cara, the creator of Maskcara Beauty at a local party. It was then when I  was introduced to Maskcara and her line of makeup. I had always heard great things about the product but didn’t actually commit to using it until about 9 months ago. I fell in love instantly and wanted to kick myself in the behind for not buying it when I first heard about it. So, when the opportunity arose when there was a chance I could sell something I love, I jump onboard. 
Now, I would have never, and I mean NEVER thought the day would come where I would join a MLM, but when they start a MLM with a product you love and already tell people about, you do it!! Even though I never in a million years would have thought so. One thing I want you all to know and remember, is I won’t be a bugger. I won’t bug you if you aren’t interested. So let’s stay friends!!!!  My goal is to introduce you to this product that I love and actually use everyday. YES I do use it daily! My goal is to get you to love the product and want to keep buying more. or buy for the first time!

Now that I have been using the makeup for almost a year and been selling it for almost 3 months, I am ready to build my team under me. 
So, if you are a stay at home mama, a woman who wants a new direction to turn, someone needing some extra cash I WANT YOU!!!
I want you to join my team and start earning some money that could eventually turn in to so much more. 
Not only will it be a fun new adventure with a new income, it will also be a fun way to build relationships with some of the most amazing women I have ever met. I look forward to working with new people each day and love the relationships that have begun to form. Not only am I building relationships with the girls on my team. I have seen many doors open for me while doing makeup parties. So, if you are new to an area and want to make friends.. hello. Easy opportunity right here just by becoming an artist!!!!!

I will be there every step of the way to help you, I want to help you become the best makeup artist out there and become familiar with the Maskcara line of makeup. I will be there, answering any questions you have, or helping you feel confident becoming an artist. 

So, if you want to become and artist and join our team or maybe even know of someone who might be interested in learning more information, feel free to contact me here. or send an email to navygraceblog@gmail.com.
I will be happy to answer your questions or give you more information on how to get started. 

Lastly, If you are a San Diego local and are interested in hosting a makeup party (where I come and give free makeovers),  want to meet up to be color matched, or see the Maskcara products for yourself with a complimentary makeover, let me know and we can arrange something.
If you aren’t a local and want to purchase the makeup and don’t know exactly what shade you feel will be best for you, I can totally help you out as well. Just contact me here! And I can color match you, and find you the perfect palette for your skin tone. I can do that too!! 

So excited for you to be a part of this! 

xo, Camilla 


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