Lately I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around the house as I do each year, and one of the most tedious tasks of all is organizing and decluttering the kids toys. No matter how many times we pick up every day, we are back to square one within minutes and next thing you know we’re stepping on toys again. Am I right? I’m sure a lot of us mama’s can relate! Today I am sharing my TOP TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE TOYS

It can be a little challenging to organize kids toys because they come in all shapes and sizes and they can take up a lot of space. So, If you’re looking for tips and ideas on how to organize your kid’s toys, I’ve got a great post for you today. .

 Although it can be a pain to have to organize their toys from time to time, it is so rewarding seeing everything neat and put together. I also think it helps prevents toy parts from getting lost when everything is put in one place. Decluttering also makes a huge difference and helps keep the toys organized and prevents them from taking over your home. I hope these tips help make organizing a little easier and better.

How to organize and declutter toys

how to organize and declutter kids toys



organizing toys at home




Using storage baskets to store away some of your kid’s toys is a simple yet genius idea in my opinion. They get the job done, but also serve as cute decor in the room. There are tons of cute options for storage baskets in all shapes and sizes available out there. These can be used to store stuffed animals, blankets, or any large toys you don’t want sitting out in a pile.



Storage cubes are some of the best and easiest ways to store your kids toys and keep everything organized and out of sight. I also really enjoy these because they’re easily accessible for the kids, and any time they want to get their toys they don’t have to come get me for help. It’s also simple enough that they can put their toys away and put the cubes back where they belong. These are super inexpensive, and are a great choice for organizing kids toys!



We recently got these Mesh Zipper Pouches after seeing Lucy’s speech therapist use them. I now find myself using them for everything! We store everything in these, from Puzzles and magna tiles, to small games and other small toys or activities. I also like to use them for crayons and markers when we’re on the go. We even throw some in our travel bags for the next time we travel to keep the kids busy and keep everything organized in one spot.



We keep accumulating books every holiday and each month it seems we were running out of ideas for our books. I wanted something that would keep their books organized neatly, but would be in reach for the kids. Since Lucy loves books so much we got her this Sling Bookshelf Rack and it has been the perfect addition to her room all while being so useful.







First thing I like to do when organizing the kid’s playroom is I start by collecting all their toys, activities and game and I start creating one large pile. I usually start by going from room to room, pulling every single toy out of bins and baskets and create a big pile I can later come back to. I look for any toy clutter around the house and I take out all the toys that don’t belong in that room, and set them in the pile I created. Gathering all the toys in one pile can help with the decluttering process by helping you see everything you have in one place.



After I’ve created a huge pile of everything we have and have gathered all the toys in one place, I grab any extra baskets or empty cardboard boxes I have laying around the house and begin to categorize each toy. I grab a few boxes, one for the donated pile, one for the garbage pile, and another for the toys we’re keeping and are played with.

I decide which toys to keep based on how much my kids play with the toys, if they haven’t touched them in months or all year. I’ll likely donate it if it is still in good shape. If toys have missing parts or broken pieces, I usually decide to throw those away. After I have them all in one pile, I then group them into categories based on what they are. I put all the puzzles in one area, blocks and legos in another, books in another area and so on and so forth. Once I have the organized toys in piles, it’s easier to organize them and put them back where they belong.



I came back from the holidays at the beginning of the year and completely purged on all of our toys! I try to do this every few months, but I always get motivated to do it right after Christmas when the kids get so many new toys. Now that it is spring, I am ready to do it again. I love the feeling of a fresh clean start! We have learned that donating toys has become my new favorite thing.

I’ve also learned that I don’t love a lot of toys and a lot of them can be annoying. So naturally, about twice a year I gather all the toys I can’t stand or toys we don’t use and love and put them in a donation pile. I have a spot in the house that I randomly put toys in throughout the year. But I also make it a point to go through the entire house and grab all those tiny toys that build up over time.

I also like to have the kids do it as well. I let them find toys that they don’t usually play with and have them place it in the donation pile. It is always hard for them, but it’s good for them to see that these toys are going to a better home. If we know of any family/friends that could use toys, we always go that route, then we take the rest to Goodwill or a local thrift shop and donate those.



After you’ve purged and declutter kids toys, I start going through each categorized pile and start putting them away. We try our best to keep similar toys together in the same cupboard, bin or room. This makes it easier for Edison and Lucy to know where to find something and exactly where they belong when they help to clean up. It is also a lot easier to store like toys together. Plus it creates more space when organizing them as well.



When it comes down organizing the toys, we like to use these storage bins, and boxes to keep all the kid’s activities and some miscellaneous toys. As mentioned before, I keep all the puzzles, magna tiles, and small toys in these mesh zipper pouches which I love using to keep things organized and compact. Other things you can use to organize your kids toys are storage cubes to go into little cubbies like this one, bookcases, storage boxes, baskets and toy storages.

These help keep their toys organized longer as they are easily accessible to the kids and they can help by putting their toys away when they’re done. Last but not least, my trust label maker. It just doesn’t seem right to talk about toy organization without telling you about my favorite and most satisfying tool. Brandon bought this months ago, but when I started to purge our toys and organize all of our crafts, I had so much fun labeling everything. Although Edison can’t read yet, it is still so helpful for me to remember where things go and makes everything look put together.





How to organize and declutter toys how to keep home neat

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