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I am super excited to introduce Jenica from A Slice of Style to you all! Today, Jenica shares so much insight on how to be more present with your children and even yourself, as a mama. I learned a few takeaways from her words, and I hope you can too.

Jenica and I go back a few years, basically when I first started Navy Grace five and a half years ago. We met in Salt Lake City at the ALT Summit conference, and she had such a beautiful light about her — I knew we needed to be friends. She is just as genuine as she appears on her feed, with the funnest personality, and I have loved getting to know her. Jenica and I got to know each other even better when we roomed together last Spring during the rewardStyle conference in Dallas. Not only is Jenica an amazing person to be around, but she is such an outstanding mom. I have loved following her open infertility journey, where she was blessed to bring her twins into her and her husband’s life. Harris and Goldie are absolutely adorable, and Goldie has such a fun personality. Just watch Jenica’s IG stories to see!

Jenica has a heart of gold and wanted to do something for other struggling mamas and families who deal with infertility issues. In the past, she has helped raise money through fundraisers and, of course, with the help of the IG community!  She does this for families so they can experience the joy of having children of their own.  You can see all that Jenica does over on @thesliceofsun where she shares more resources and support.

It sure has been awhile since I shared a guest post on Navy Grace.
Once a month I love to feature amazing mothers that inspires me with you!
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How to be More Present with Jenica Parcell

How to be More Present by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Navy Grace: image of Jenica Parcell with her husband and twin children.


Motherhood can be such a rollercoaster! I think it’s important to find a balance between taking care of your people and taking time for yourself. I find that I’m a better version of myself when I make sure that I am taken care of too – whether it’s getting enough sleep, getting a good workout in, eating a healthy meal… whatever it is! Take some time for you so you can be more present for them.

Something I’ve learned being a mom is that we can learn SO much from our kids! So be in the MOMENT. Be PRESENT so you don’t miss out on what they can teach you. When you get excited for them, scream with delight! Smile and laugh! Don’t care about who’s watching. Enjoy all the little daily moments you have with them. There will be really hard days, and more easy ones. Remind yourself on the hard days that they will go SO quickly. Try to memorize how it feels to hold their little bodies against yours. Our babies will grow so, so fast.

Remember that you are in control of your life! You are powerful. Always. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when you are running around changing diapers and cleaning up messes all day. Remind yourself daily that you are capable of achieving your goals. Ask yourself “why NOT me?” Someone has to do that amazing thing that you have wanted to do. Why couldn’t it be you? You’re never too old to try something new or pick up a new hobby/pursue something that you have always wanted to try. The only limitations you have are those that you put on yourself.

How to be More Present by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Navy Grace: image of Jenica Parcell with her daughter. How to be More Present by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Navy Grace: image of a dad touching hands with his two children.


Q: How did you get started as a blogger/influencer
A: I started this lifestyle blog in 2014 to share the best deals on the nicest things because I believe we all deserve to live the best life on less! I knew that I wanted to start a family and to be a stay at home mom, but I also wanted to have a creative outlet from home. So I started it not knowing that we would struggle with infertility. After 5 different procedures (3 IUIs, 2 rounds of IVF) I blogged about our 3rd round of IVF and my blog grew a lot from there because a lot of people could relate to the infertility aspect that I was going through.

Q: What is your favorite mom product that you are always sharing or talking about?
A: One of my favorite products would have to be the Tarte shape tape contour concealer for under eyes! It helps you to not have dark circles under your eyes. It’s a life saver and I absolutely love it!

Q: What is your favorite baby/toddler/child product?
A: I love the 4moms high chair. I have the white and gray one. It’s amazing and easy to use! I like that you can take the tray on and off to easily clean it in the sink. I used it for more than just meals; sometimes I used it while doing Goldie’s hair, so she would watch a show or have a snack in there and I could easily get her hair done. It was perfect!

Q: What is something you do for yourself to make you be a better mom and wife to your family?
A: Something that really makes a difference for me is exercising every day! I exercise every day except Sundays. My mood and attitude when I am done working out vs. before is always lifted, brighter and more positive. I never regret working out. I always feel more happy when I am done. I’m actually amazed at what a big change it makes in my brain! I really love to try new workouts, too. I love barre fitness, cycling outside, spin classes, HIGH fitness….pretty much anything. Except running! I feel like I’m in a better mood and ready to conquer the day after a good workout, and I think my husband and kids notice a difference when I work out vs. when I don’t!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to other moms?
A: Don’t be so hard on yourself! Your kids need YOU! It’s easy to get caught up comparing yourself to other moms, but there’s no point! Of course you can always be looking for ways to improve, but let that be a motivation to you and not something that brings you down. I have found so much more happiness in motherhood by celebrating others successes rather than comparing myself to them!

How to be More Present by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Navy Grace: image of Jenica Parcell.

A special thanks to Jenica for joining us today! 
Here is where you can find Jenica:

Instagram: @jenicaparcell


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