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I’m excited to be sharing my Hospital bag checklist for me, the baby and for Brandon today. I’m mostly excited because it forced me to get my bag packed and ready early. That way I am not last minute throwing random things into my bag because the baby decided to come a few weeks early.

No stress here!  Our bags our officially packed!
This pregnancy, I really narrowed my hospital bag checklist down to my absolute favorites and tried to pack minimally. Of course, I threw in a few extras for the baby and for myself since we are doing Fresh 48 photos once the baby arrives. However, Just know that pack what you feel comfortable with. You can see my checklist I created with my first pregnancy HERE

HELPFUL TIP:  Have your hospital bag checklist on your phone of the items you need to grab last minute. Like your curling iron, makeup, razor, and any items that you are currently using daily that you don’t want packed away early.
Having a checklist on my phone was so convenient since my water broke with Edison around midnight. As Brandon and I were rushing to get everything ready to head out the door, it was stress free. I remember sitting on the edge of the bathtub since my contractions were already pretty strong, and just reading the hospital bag checklist of items Brandon could grab before heading out. It helps so you aren’t over packing or waist any time trying to remember what else to pack!


Duffle Bag – I am using my Fawn Design weekender bag and have found that it is the perfect size to fit all the essentials

Go Home Outfit/Nursing Friendly Dress – I will use this dress as my “go home” outfit and I plan to take a few photos in it as part of my Fresh 48 photoshoot. I got mine from Lates by Kate, but have found this brand to be super similar and I am in love with so many of the colors and patterns

Cardigan – It can get cold in the hospital, especially in the summer when they are using more AC. I would also suggest to pack a cardigan vs a sweater that way you can still nurse easily if planning to.

Pajamas/Robe – I got this set HERE which includes pants, robe, and tank. I also think wearing the nursing friendly dress is a great thing to wear throughout the night. If you are a robe person, I highly suggest bringing one. I will leave my robes at home since I got this set that has a robe top, but still has pants! The perfect combination

Nursing Bra – I only wear a more relaxed, sports bra, style the first few weeks. I have found this one to be a favorite

Socks – I have a couple pairs packed away. Thicker ones too!

Fresh 48 Outfit – If you are choosing to do any type of photography, I would suggest planning out what you want to wear. I will be wearing this and this dress here.

Flip Flops – I just grabbed an old cheaper pair, that way I have something to wear in the shower or if I take my socks off.

Extra Tote – So useful! Someone recommended to me last time to bring an extra tote to take home all the diapers and pads or anything else the hospital has in your room that is free for you to take home!

 License and Insurance Cards – Don’t forget these!!

Made By Mary Custom Necklace – If you know your babies name already, then this item is for you! I custom made baby girls name on a necklace so I can wear it! So excited for this! I got the mini Zola necklace



Kopari Deodorant – You’ll sure wish you had this!

Nipple Cream – Something I may or may not use, but have it packed just in case

Hair Elastics – I grabbed a couple of these

Shampoo + Conditioner – You just never know when that baby is coming, and if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days, you may want to the day after the baby arrives so you feel fresh and clean.

Lip Balm – I grabbed my favorite Aquaphor Healing ointment because I love using it on my lips

Hair Brush

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Mister Bottle



Cosmetic Bag – I have this one from Madewell and love it

CC Cream

Bye Bye Under Eye

Beauty Sponge



Diaper Bag – I am using the darling new color from Fawn Design

Carseat – We have the Uppa Baby – Just remember you can’t leave the hospital until you have a carseat

Socks – I packed 2-3 pairs

Long-sleeve White Onesie – I packed 2. The baby will be naked or have a long sleeve top on most of the time. But I am bringing this for photos and for when we go home.

Go Home Outfit – I am bringing this darling set from Solly Baby

Hair Bows/Hats – I brought plenty of bows to choose from. Different sizes, and colors!

Swaddles – If you plan to do any cute Fresh 48 photos, I recommend matching your swaddles and bows to your outfits. Pack an extra for the drive home too

Pacifiers – If you are wanting to start using pacifiers, pack them in the diaper bag.

Diapers + Wipes – The hospital will provide diapers and wipes, But since I have basically packed this bag to get us through the first couple weeks, I have them already in there so we are prepared.


1-2 Extra Outfits – An extra one in case you need to stay a few days extra.  Don’t forget about an outfit to match or flow with yours if you do any family or Fresh 48 photos.

Baseball Cap – In case a shower doesn’t get to happen, a nice hat will do the trick

Toiletry Bag – with Toothpaste, Toothbrush, deodorant, and shave kit

Pillow – Generally the couch isn’t super comfortable to sleep on for husbands, so a pillow they love sure helps. We did leave pillows in the car and only brought them in when needed.

Cash -pack a few dollar bills and quarters that way when you husband gets hungry he can sneak to the nearest vending machine!

Portable Music Player – This is such a MUST! We had a few neighbors next door that were screamers! I loved being able to play music on the portable player to drown out any noises. Be prepared with having a play list you love on your phone as well.

Snacks – We don’t want our husbands to get hungry, so I packed a few of his favorite snacks!

Basketball shorts/Pajamas

Sweatshirt – In case it gets a little chilly!

Sneakers + Socks



Nursing Cover – I plan to pack mine, but only if I am getting visitors from people other than family. Anyone else there gets a show to see!

Long Phone Charing Cord – We have a 6 ft charger and love it!

Snacks – A great idea if you need a snack at any moment and can’t escape to get real food

Camera – We have this camera and love it



Lilac Dress – Cozys 

Burp Cloths – Cozys 

Pink Toiletry Bag – Birdling Bags 

Gathre Changing Mat 

Solly Baby Wrap in Creme 


xo, Camilla

It's almost baby time, and you aren't quite sure what to pack. Camilla of Navy Grace shares her Hospital bag checklist for herself, baby and dad.It's almost baby time, and you aren't quite sure what to pack. Camilla of Navy Grace shares her Hospital bag checklist for herself, baby and dad.

It's almost baby time, and you aren't quite sure what to pack. Camilla of Navy Grace shares her Hospital bag checklist for herself, baby and dad.

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