Happy Mama Monday!!

I am so excited for today’s post! I felt this post was a major thing that deserves to be talked about!
I remember reading and reading review and chatting with everyone I knew about stroller. Which one is the best bank for your buck, which one is practical, easy to use and fold, and of course overall the perfect stroller!

So, today I will be sharing my review on 5 strollers, UPPABaby VISTA, Baby Jogger City Tour, Quinny, Silver Cross, and Veer Cruiser. Each I personally own and have used! I will share what I love or don’t love about them, and which one is my overall favorite and go to!


Hands down UPPAbaby VISTA  is my favorite stroller of them all! (Found on sale here!) Which is why I will be talking about it first!
This is the first stroller I purchased and although feeling like I dropped a lot of money, feel that it is TOTALLY worth every penny. Your husband may not be on board with the price point, (I had to do a lot of convincing with mine) But after using it several times and using a cheaper stroller of a friends, Brandon came and told me how much he loved and appreciated our stroller! So yes, be sure to have all your husbands read this post 🙂

Here are a few reasons I love the UPPABaby Vista stroller:

Large Undercarriage – This is so important to me! I never want to push around a stroller that I can’t fit my diaper bag in, or any other shopping back or extra things like jackets etc. This has been a total game changer and number one reason I was driven toward the UPPAbaby!!

Easy to Fold and Easy to put up – Super easy to do. Although you do need to have two hands to do it.

Extended Handle Bar – I actually extend mine most days. I love it because I am tall and gives me a little more room. If I am in a small confined space I will usually shorten it.

Can get around everywhere – It’s not ‘too’ big! I can go shopping with this stroller and fit everywhere! A huge factor for me!

Adjustable reclining positions – I love being able to recline the larger seat all the way back and transfer Edison from the carseat to his seat when he is sleeping. The fact he can lay almost flat is so helpful.

Grows with your Family – I love that this stroller can potentially hold 3 of your kids. Brandon and I want more kids and so this was a huge reason we went with this stroller. You can add a second seat and then add the ride along board for your oldest child to stand or sit on.

Easy to Buckle child in – It is super easy to get your child in and out of this stroller

Easy to wipe clean – You can always wipe down stroller with a wet wash cloth or even a little cleaner. I love that I got the black to help hide stains though.

Extra Large Canopy with extended canopy – I love this canopy so much. I love that when I recline Edison down all the way back (usually when he is sleeping) I can still keep is face and majority of his body covered. Super great for warm summer days too to help keep sun off.

My Shopping Stroller – I would feel so lost if I didn’t have this stroller out shopping. I’ve done it before with a smaller stroller and hate not being able to have enough room to hold on my shopping bags!

Snack Tray – This is an extra cost, but I love that it has this option. And it can be removed too! Love having a spot to put Edison’s snacks and drink!

Drink Holder– I love that you have the option to buy this drink holder. I love and use it every time we are out. Although it does extend the width of your stroller a bit, but is easy to take off if you need that extra 3-4 inches to make it through a tight space. I also use this stroller organizer and love it! We also use these bag hooks on the handle bars and use them a lot! TIP: on the drink holder always purchase through Nordstrom. This drink holder has broken twice on me and they always replace it and give me a new one!

Easy to brake and go – Such a big deal too. One that most people don’t think about until you have a stroller that isn’t the easiest to brake and and brake and go!

Reversible seat  – I love that you can had the seat facing you or having your child face the world. This has been such a big deal every since Edison could sit up. He is always facing out so he can see what is going on.

Magnetic Peeping Visual – I never thought about this being a good thing until my dad mentioned how much he thought having it magnetic verses velcro is so much better. (I guess back in my parents day, velcro was what it used to be) His reasoning was the Velcro is loud and sometimes woke the child. Ever since then, I’ve always appreciate the quietness of the magnets.

Here are a few things that I don’t love about the UPPABaby Vista:

Comes with bassinet – I actually both love and hate this feature!! I loved this extra piece included. However it isn’t needed either! It’s fun to have and I did use it, but not as often as I wished. You can really only use it the first few months, after that it doesn’t make sense and is now extra storage. The reason I didn’t use it that often is because when we drove to a place and Edison was sleeping, I wasn’t going to wake him up from the carseat and move him to the bassinet. I would rather keep him sleeping and transfer the carseat to the stroller. I honestly do think we would have used this more often if we lived in a neighborhood. We don’t live in a place where getting out to walk is easy to do. But I thought this feature would be perfect for those who live in a neighborhood and could put the baby in the bassinet and go for a little walk around the block. That makes more sense!

Each add on costs more money – But then again, what doesn’t these days! The extra seat for the second child, the adapters if you don’t have a UPPAbaby carseat, cup holder.. basically everything is an add on. So it does add up. But still luckily you don’t have to buy all of these at the beginning unless you already have multiple kids.

Straps on large seat come loose often – This seems like a bigger problem, but it really isn’t too bad. I just always wonder how they loosened so much. It could also be Edison pulling on them. Don’t let this factor make you decide not to get this stroller. I only choose to tell you this because I wanted to share an honest review

Baby Jogger – City Tour

The ultimate travel stroller! I love love love this stroller! (see full review here)

I love the City Tour so much, but don’t use it too often. I pick and choose when and where to use it. Traveling, ALWAYS!! If we are going out for a quick walk or somewhere as a family that isn’t an all day thing then this is our preferred stroller. It’s small and compact which is a plus.


Here are a few reasons I love this Baby Jogger City Tour stroller:

Small and Compact – I love that we can get around everywhere!

Easy to fold and unfold – So easy and can be done one handed because it is on the lighter side

Folds very small – exact dimensions are 22.04″ x 17.71″ x 9.05″ – Small enough that it makes it easy to travel with. If you have a small car and can’t fit a larger stroller in it, this is perfect!

Carries as a backpack – One of my favorite things about this stroller. It comes with a travel case that can be worn as a backpack

Wheels are great for a small stroller – We had no problem going around cobble stones and shallow sand in this stroller while in Italy

Has great recline options – I also love that this stroller reclines in a few different recline levels.

Affordable price point – Such a good price for the quality of the stroller!


Here are a few things that I don’t love about the Baby Jogger City Tour:

Recline lever has to be two handed – Thankfully it does have a recline option, but it does have to be two handed and you have to use some extra strength. It isn’t difficult to do, just someones not as simple as the one hander ones like the Uppa Baby.

Small under carriage – But keep in mind this is a travel stroller, so the smaller the stroller the smaller the under carriage. It is small, but can still hold the travel back and 2 jackets

Only works for 1 child – If you plan on having more children, both at a young age. This stroller may not be for you. Works great for us now, and will work again when we are on our last child too!




The Quinny is a total eye catcher. She is pretty, and something you don’t see often.
I love the look and design of this stroller but don’t find myself gravitating towards it as often. Here is why

Here are a few reasons I love this Quinny stroller:

Chic and Pretty – I love both the color combination I have (mood grey) or the Rachel Zoe color combination too. It was honestly a toss up and hard to decide. I went with the Mood Grey because I already had a black stroller. I am still happy with my decison.

Different Canopy style – I love how sleek this canopy is. It’s so different and I love the look of it.

Fits Maxi Cosi infant Carseat – I never had this carseat. But feel like if you do this is convenient

Unfolds automatically – Has shocks to help unfold very easily and doesn’t require any strength

Adjustable Height handle bar – Love this feature like the Uppa Baby.

One Hand Recline – Makes reclining so easy! I love being able to do it even if my hands are full.

Large space between under carriage and handle bars – enough space to hang your diaper bag. This is a great thing because the under carriage is small and can’t fit your diaper bag

Reversible seat – Can face you or face away. Such a useful feature to have.

Easy to clean – the entire seat snaps off and can be tossed into the wash.



Here are a few things that I don’t love about this Quinny stroller:

Brake and go pedals aren’t the same pedal – For some reason this bothers me a little. The fact I have to think which side of the stroller the break and go is on, requires too much thought! ha I love my Uppa Baby where it is the same pedal.

Small under carriage – This is one of the biggest problems I have with the Quinny. I wish it had a larger under carriage because I feel like there is plenty of room for it to be bigger. The cosmetic design seems to be more important than the actual functionality.

Hard to get to under carriage – On the same not as the under carriage it also isn’t easy to access with poles in the way.

Straps are not easy to adjust – In fact I don’t know how to lower or raise the straps. I even took it into Nordstrom to ask, and they didn’t know either! So maybe I don’t know what I am doing and there may be an easier way. But it almost as if you have to unassembled the entier stroller to do it.

Large stroller even when folded – It doesn’t fold up small like my Uppa Baby. It takes up the majority of my trunk and I have a SUV.

Doesn’t grow with your family – Again, like the City Tour it can only hold one child.


Silver Cross


Silver Cross is a pretty one and every time I use it, I get compliments! I love the colors, the leather and the mix of aluminum and black
This stroller would be my second choice for everyday use next to the Uppa Baby. I feel that it is the most similar to it.

Here are a few reasons I love this Silver Cross stroller:

Color scheme – Like I mentioned above it is a pure beauty

Grows with Family – Has a very similar set up like the Uppa Baby where you can add a second seat and also has the option for the 3rd oldest child.

Bassinet Included – Comes with Bassinet. This bassinet compared to the Uppa Baby is a lot more narrow which i don’t know if I loved. But what I do love more is the hand grip and handle over the bassinet vs not having one like the Uppa Baby. It makes it very easy to grab and carry.

Includes attachments and cup holders – Although this stroller does have a higher price point keep in mind it does include the attachments and cup holder which are all an extra cost with the Uppa Baby

Decent size under carriage – Not as big as my Uppa Baby but still very good size! Very doable!

Adjustable handle bar – If you are tall, or if you have a tall husband this stroller is meant for you. Easily the tallest handle bar I have ever seen on a stroller!

Innovative One plus one system – I remember thinking this is the coolest feature and still feel that way. I really wish my Uppa Baby had this option too. Just by pressing a button you are able to flip the plastic part that give you different heights and configurations for the main seat and second seat.

Great for Cold Weather – Included in the package you get a Apron for both the bassinet and main seat. It is an extra cover (covering the feet) to provide extra warmth. We never ended up using these because it isn’t that cold here, but I feel like if you live in NYC where you are walking outside a lot in the winter. This is a great stroller choice.

I love the Canopy – I love how the canopy folds! So chic too

Easy to fold and unfold – Always important. Requires two hands to close, but only one hand to open!

One Hand Recline – Makes reclining so easy! I love being able to do it even if my hands are full.

Comes with Seat Liner – Easy to wash and clean



Here are a few things that I don’t love about the Silver Cross stroller:

Higher Price Point – For sure a higher price stroller. But like I mentioned above several attachments are included. So if you were to add up all the attachments you have to buy extra with the Uppa Baby they both come out similar in price. It’s just more costly up front.

Harder to push one handed – I say this because I am only comparing to the Uppa Baby. The fact that it is harder to push one handed is a big deal to me. I’m not saying it is difficult or impossible. I am sure some of you wouldn’t even notice but because I have a stroller that I find easier to push one handed makes me think about these cons. Most of the time I am holding something like a drink or phone and have one hand to push.

Harder to maneuver over curbs and bumps – Again, something that someone may not notice, but compared to my Uppa Baby it is a little more challenging to push over curbs. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but again requires a little extra effort.

Folds up large – Compared to the Uppa Baby it fold up a little bigger. More Taller than anything. But room is precious, am I right!!

Veer Gear

Okay, okay not a stroller. But I had to include this into my review because I LOVE my Veer Gear cruiser! You can read more about my review here
This is for sure the second most used item/stroller item we own. Not only is it practical, it’s also fun for me too!

Here are a few reasons I love this Veer Gear stroller:

It’s pure amazing – Everyone that comes to my house loves this wagon!

Adjustable Handle Bar – Raises and lowers for your convenience

Seats two Children with seatbelts – Yes seatbelts!! This was our main reason we love Veer gear so much. We started pushing Edison around in a Costco wagon when he was 7 months old. It was all fun and games until we could stand up. I had to keep a close eye on him. But with Veer I don’t need to worry.

Drop down for children’s feet –  Has space for your children’s feet

It’s fun – Honestly, we go for wagon rides, just because Edison enjoys them so much!

Folds easy – It is so simple and easy to fold up.

Has several attachments – Although each of them are a add on.

Snack tray and Cup holders – Included with Cruiser

Can Carry a carseat – I think this is so neat! You can purchase attachments so your infant carseat sits high. That way you can still use the wagon and leaves room for another child for the other seat. I think this would be so helpful to use at the grocery store if you have one child. Because those darn carseats take up an entire grocery cart. How handy is this!

Has a brake – Again, another huge reason I love this wagon!!! I use the brake all the time and always wished my Costco wagon had one. Thank goodness I was introduced to Veer!

Large Tires – Easy to pull and pull through rocks, uneven pavement, and sand

Storage Basket – You can purchase a storage basket that attaches on the back. If you have two children or need to carry extra items this is such a good feature

Canopy – Option of purchasing 2 canopies. One to cover each seat.



Here are a few things that I don’t love about the Veer Gear stroller:

Not a flat bottom – I love having the option for the kids feet to hang. But I always wish it had an option to be flat too. In case for naps. That way the child could lay down. But You can always throw in a thick/oversized blanket! You can purchase the ‘Nap System’ which is a flat bottom. But it has to be either in or out. Something you have to decide to use before leave the house or car.

Costly – This is one of the biggest things that would hold me back (I was lucky enough to be gifted this wagon) But, I honestly don’t think I would ever pay the price. With that being said. Knowing how much I love and use and am obsessed with it, I would spend $600 on it. But it took me using it to feel that way! I feel the $600 would be more reasonable if all the attachments were included. Then I feel that price matches the value! –

I know the price is high for a wagon. But, this really can replace a stroller because it has similar features. A brake, canopies etc etc.

Heavy – It does weigh 32 pounds. So it is a little heavier than most strollers.

I know is is such a long post, but I really hope this has been helpful for you! I wanted to be very honest with you since I know this is such an important decision and isn’t always a cheap one either!
Please reach out to me if you have any other questions. I would be happy to help answer them

Feel free to pin this stroller review to Pinterest to save and read at a later date!


xo Camilla




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Stroller review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace: Veer Gear review
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Stroller review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace
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Stroller review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace: Uppababy Vista review

Stroller review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace: Uppababy Vista review
Stroller review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace: Uppababy Vista review


  1. Jacque Adams
    March 1, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    Hi! Wonderfully thorough review! I need your honest feedback since you’ve tried all of these. I commute about 20min pushing a stroller on downtown city streets. If you had to choose between the uppa double or the veer for an infant and toddler… which would you go with?! We park our stroller in the entryway and use it more than our car. We rarely put the stroller in the SUV… that’s what our mountain buggy nano is for! Thanks in advance for you help!

    • Camilla
      March 2, 2019 / 12:56 pm


      All I can speak for is myself since I am not doing the commute you are doing, I feel like you will be the best person to know what you feel you need. But in my opinion, the stroller would slightly more compact than the veer gear. The Stroller will also be easier to navigate and push through crowds. We love our wagon, but I also make sure to know where I am going and plan where I want to take it or not!

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