New small things are happening to Navy Grace this week. I finally decided to start doing a ‘Home Edit’ series. I decided since I am constantly on the hunt for home decor goods, or furniture pieces I am always finding several gems and pieces that I love. But of course I can’t have 20 of the same item in my own home, so I felt like if I share with you, I can hopefully help you in the searching process. Because trust me, the searching process is a constant game and often times struggle when you aren’t sure where to look or stores to hunt.

Another reason why I wanted to start this Home Edit series was because I found it so extremely helpful when I needed inspiration or even better exact links to items that was hunting for. Other people’s home decor blogs were the most helpful and beneficial while doing my homework. I hope to be able to do the same for you friends.

Some other items that I hope to share with you in the Home Edit series are benches, couches, accent chairs, art pieces, faux plants and plant stands. Of course this list will continue to grow as I keep hunting for pieces to add here and there around the house. I am still uncertain as to how often I will post, but hoping at least a couple times a month. Let me know if this is something you would continue to love seeing as a regular thing?

Favorite full length mirrors featured by top US lifestyle blog, Navy Grace | On the hunt for a full length mirror to add to your home, appartement, or condo? Camilla of Navy Grace has done the researching and found almost 20 mirrors.


Favorite full length mirrors featured by top US lifestyle blog, Navy Grace

Shop my Favorite Full Length Mirrors:


I knew I wanted a full length mirror in my home. One that wasn’t in the bedroom or bathroom. One that was large, pretty and a statement piece. I have had my eye on this specific Gold Frame Mirror (pictured above) for almost 3 years. So It felt so right to bring it into our newly renovated home.

When I was shopping around for full length mirrors, I saw so many options and fell in love with so many. I loved the wood tones, especially this one here, but knew I needed more of a metal material since we have so much wood in our home already with the ceilings. I also loved all the arch mirrors, especially this one. The arch is so perfect and feminine, I would easily get an arch mirror for a bedroom.

Shop my Favorite Full Length Mirrors:


xo, Camilla

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