My most favorite time of the year is here and I am so excited to share several Holiday gift guides with you throughout the next few weeks. Leading up to Christmas you will be able to find gift guides for her, him, stocking stuffers, new and expecting mother, my wish list, under $100, under $50 a so much more that I am personally creating JUST FOR YOU!!! Today I wanted to start off my gift guide series with my Top gifts for toddlers! With Edison’s birthday in early November (today actually), I am already shopping and planning out which holiday gifts to get him for his birthday and Christmas.

When it comes to shopping for gifts for Edison, I love to try to find toys that are more developmental and ones that bring out his creative side. This year my focus as been more on finding open-ended toys, toys that he needs to be creative with rather than the toy doing all the work for him.

Check out this years Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Toddlers below!


The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace.

The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace. Top Gifts for Toddlers - Navy Grace - Camilla Thurman Top Gifts for Toddlers - Navy Grace - Camilla Thurman


1- Puzzle – We love sitting down and doing puzzles together. It’s a great way for Edison to use his mind and fine motor skills. This one I am linking is a bit more challenging since he doesn’t quite recognize letters and numbers yet, but that’s why it’s a great learning activity.

2- Marble Runner – Great for 2+ years! We got this as a gift when Edison turned 2 and it is still a toy he plays with often. Any time we have company over, kids of ALL ages love playing with the marbles. Not only is it great for older kids, but it will keep them entertained for long periods of time.

3- Chunkies Paint Sticks – These are so cool! I honestly can’t even describe the texture of them. They are called paint sticks, yet they are similar to a crayon.  The colors are super vibrant and so fun to color with.

4- Plasma Car – For our home, the more ride on toys, the better! This is what Edison prefers to do all day long. Especially if friends are over. Outside, inside, down our hallway. It keeps him entertained for hours.

5- Drill Tinker Board – Edison does need my assistance with this, but I love that it makes him really concentrate. Soon he won’t need help from me, but it is a great fine motor activity

6- Glo Pal Bath Toys – These make bath time SO much fun! We have them in all the colors and switch them out regularly. The concept about them is so neat and glo as soon as water touches them.

7- Strider Bike – We have a few bikes and scooters for both indoor and outdoor. We love having this one as an outdoor bike.

8- Walkie Talkies –  Comes in a pack of three. We got these for our friends who are pretty close neighbors. Thinking the kids would love to chat with each other from our homes. The walkie talkies have a 1-3 mile radius and it is so fun that they can invite each other over to play!

9- Cookie Play Set– Such a great activity for kids to be creative and play pretend.

10- Paint and Paint Brushes – Edison just got these as a birthday gift. He has really shown an interest in painting and so we stepped up our game and got some fun paint colors so we can start to paint objects and not just paper like rocks.

11- Coloring Roll – The best gift! I give this as gifts all the time. It is such a fun coloring roll and a fun switch up from the typical coloring books. There are some images below of Edison coloring on it.

12- Mini Trampoline – Great way to get them to burn off a little more energy right before bed!

13-  Nugget Comfort Couch – This is one item we plan to get for Edison for Christmas. I have only heard amazing things about the nugget and know he will love it. It can be turned into a couch for sitting, forts, slides, so many creative ways to play with the nugget.

14- Dinosaur Toys – Love that this toy comes in a set.

15- Magic Tracks – Edison has had this for over a year and still grabs to play with it often.

16- Mud Kitchen – This was recommended by one of you readers and I think it would be such a great outdoor activity.

17- Magna-Tiles – Edison just got these for his birthday and loves them. They are fun magnetic tiles that you can build and create with.

18- Ball Pit – I have always wanted to get this for Edison. I think it is such a fun way to play especially with other kids visiting.

19- Ice Cream Magnetic Play Set – Another great pretend/creative play activities.

20- Colorful Sorting Bears – Such a great activity that you can do. From sorting colors, to counting, practicing patterns and more. We have loved them.



21- Fishing Game – One of the newer activities I got for Edison shortly after having Lucy and love that it is something we can do together. It comes with 2 fishing rods, can be used for counting, and learning fish in the sea. It’s also super easy for Edison to do, we have played other fishing games that are hard for him to do alone, but this one is simple.

22- Learning Flash Cards – We have a couple sets of flash cards and love how they can help with learning.

23- Spot It! Game – Great for airplanes and traveling. It’s easy and fun for all ages.

24- Magnetic Maze Activity – We don’t own this, but I do really think it would be a fun and great for road trips.

25- Kiwi Co Crate – Get your first box free with this link HERE! We love our Kiwico crates. They follow the STEM program and really are such creative and fun activities that kids enjoy. I love that I don’t have to be the one coming up with the activities either. It is a monthly subscription, but we have loved every single month so far.

26- 3-Wheeled Scooter -I would say it took Edison until he was almost 3 to get comfortable on the scooter. It is sure fun to watch him scoot around.

27- Scooter/Bike Dog – Another ride on car. We leave this one in the house and Edison goes so fast on it. I seriously die watching him.

28- Power tool Workbench – Our friends have this and it is for sure a magnet to Edison. He goes to it as soon as we get there. It really is such a cute little toy.

29- Love Lane Superhero Cape – Great for boys and girls! I love seeing their creativity come to life as soon as the cape comes on!

30- Kitchen Set – We have a play kitchen and really love it. I will say that I have noticed little girls gravitate toward this more than boys. But Edison still will play with it often!

31- Good Night Yoga Book – This was recommended by one of you readers and mentioned that her daughter loves doing this as part of her bedtime routine.

32- Camp Castle Play Mats – These might already be sold out, but they are so much fun. They come in a few different sizes and love that they also come in a placemat size to play while eating.

33- Water Wow! Coloring – Great for church, road trips, quiet time, and restaurants. All you need is water, which is why they are great!

34- Playskool Transformers – Another toy recommendation for you readers. Looks so fun

35- Doughsie Dough Play-dough – This activity has easily become a new favorite of ours. It comes in a pre-made kit that has a theme. We have the ocean one and African Safari and love that it really makes Edison be creative

36- I Spy Everything Book – I love these books because it makes Edison be so interactive with me.

37- Shark Kite – I mean, we haven’t been able to use it a lot, since we lack some wind, but overall the idea is super fun!

38- Crayola Mess Free Coloring – I still prefer Edison to use these certain times of the day when I am not able to watch him closely. They are clear markers and only work on the specific coloring books. But are so much fun.

39- Character Pajamas –  I got these as part of Edison’s Halloween costume, but I think getting a fun themed or character pajamas are so fun. Especially since I don’t buy him character clothing.

40- Digital Camera – Not pictured – Got this for Edison for this birthday after be begs to play with his friends each time we are with them. It is seriously the cutest camera that actually works! You can also transfer the photos onto your computer. It takes videos too.


The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace. The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace.



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The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace. The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace.


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The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace.The Best gifts for Toddlers, featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace.



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