As babies and toddlers grow, so do their imaginations and their curiosity. That’s why I always try to get Lucy toys and activities that will keep her busy and entertained as well as learning. So, Today I am sharing my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR TODDLERS filled with gift ideas that will light up your kids faces on Christmas morning. But more importantly toys that keep the excitement alive all year long!

I’ve included tons of fun ideas that are great for creative imaginative play, help with fine motor skills, and tons of fun learning ones as well. During the toddler years, pretend play is huge and something important that will help their development and social skills as well. So, I always try to get tons of pretend play options, and Lucy always ends up loving them! Tons of these are under $100, and great gift ideas your toddlers will love and enjoy!




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1 // Doorbell House

How cute is this little fun, interactive doorbell house?! Each side of this house has a unique door with a doorbell and lock that each have a different unique sound. They have to find the correct key to unlock each door to reveal a family of play people inside. Its such a fun gift that is filled with hours of endless fun and imaginative play. Lucy has played with one before and enjoyed the fun surprise in each door.

2 // Kids Bike

A bike for kids is the ultimate Christmas gift, one that they will get a lot of use out of and will love. If you feel most comfortable with training wheels for your toddler to start out with, this one is a great option, and the basket and tassels add the cutest little touch. It even has an extra seat for their doll to join in on the fun. 😉

3 // Babydoll Accessories

If your kids have dolls they love, this will make the perfect gift. This babydoll accessory set comes with 21 different accessories to care for your baby dolls. It includes a bathtub, water sprayer, rubber duck, bib, spoon, fork, potty, rattles, pacifier, baby bottles,  baby lotion and more.

4 // Friends Together Playhouse

This cute interactive playhouse set is not only great for imaginative pretend play, but also has so many learning content it teaches as they play throughout the house. While playing, they will learn the alphabet, counting, opposites, and more. Lucy say this in the store and had a hard time saying goodbye to it. We have THIS BARN that is from the same brand Fisher Price Little People and it is a well loved toy in our home.

5 // Wooden Cleaning Set

Complete with a mop, broom, dust pan, duster and dust pan brush, your kids will be all set with everything they need to help with chores around the house. 😉 This cleaning set is so great for pretend play which is amazing for toddlers and their development at this age. This is high on my list this year for the kids!

6 // Wooden Food Set

This wooden food set has been a big hit in our home ever since we first got this for Lucy. Seriously, she loves it! They are sliceable vegetables made out of wood, and it comes with a pretend knife they can use to cut the vegetables. This is another great option for pretend play, and it is under $30.

7 // Wooden Workshop

This 2 in 1 wooden workbench and tool bench includes pounding pegs, bolts, screws, building slats as well as a hammer, screwdriver and wrench they can use. This is a great toy that will help them develop their creativity, imagination, and help with fine motor skills.

8 // Elefun

We love family game night here in our house, it’s an activity the kids love, and we always end up having so much fun! This game looks like a a fun one that toddlers can play by themselves, with friends, siblings, or together with the whole family. They will have so much fun catching all the butterflies, and there will be lots of giggles, and endless hours of fun!

9 // Cash Register

This realistic cash register and play money set is another great option for kids to use for pretend play. The money and coins are a little bigger than real money which makes it easier for kids to handle. It’s also a great way for them to practice counting as well.

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10 // Baby Doll Twin Jogging Stroller

How cute is this double jogging stroller for toddlers to carry their dolls around?! It has everything a real stroller would have, so it’s perfect for your little ones to use for their dolls and toys.

11 // Hungry Hippos Game

This is such a fun family game that toddlers can play and join in on the fun with the rest of the family. It has been so fun to play together and it is a huge favorite in our home. It’s easy and simple to set up and disassemble, and it is under $20.  It is brought out multiple times a week in our home, well loved game, even if the rules aren’t followed correctly 🙂

12 // Balance Bike

If you’re wanting to gift your kids a bike but don’t want one with training wheels, this one is a great option. Balance bikes are great for toddlers to start off with because it will help them learn how to use a bike and will make transitioning into a big kids bike a lot easier. This one is just over $50 and has amazing reviews.

13 // Fairy Doll

This fairy doll will easily become your toddler’s new best friend. It is super cute and your little one will absolutely love it!

14 // Scooter

We have this scooter for the kids, and it is one of their favorites. It rides so smoothly, is comfortable for them, and is designed with safety features that help make it more enjoyable for everyone.

15 // Cinderella Costume

If your kids love to dress up and love pretend play, this is such a great gift they will love! Of course, you can get any costume based on what they love, but costumes for pretend play will always make a great gift. The last few months Lucy is all about the dress up and all things princess and tutu, it’s sure been so fun!

16 // Art Easel

A roll of paper, chalk, paint, jugs and brushes, everything a little one needs to get creative with their art skills. One side is white board magnetic, and the other side is chalkboard which I love because it gives them different options. Not only is this great for keeping little ones busy, but its a great way for them to express themselves, use their imagination, and helps with fine motor skills. Another top item on our list this year for the kids.

17 // Melissa & Doug Grocery Store

Make grocery shopping an event your kids will love and enjoy by getting them this cute realistic grocery store stand. It has a conveyor belt, bagging area, a realistic beeping scanner and cash register and they can even enter in their own pin when paying.

18 // Reusable Sticker Pad

This is a super fun activity that Lucy loves and has used for some time now! It is a large pad with extra large reusable stickers that provide toddlers with hours of entertainment and fun. It includes 150 different stickers and 5 different scenes that they can stick the different stickers onto. It’s a perfect mess-free activity to take for traveling, or when you’re on the go!


19 // Mickey Mouse Funny The Funhouse Playset

This is another fun interactive playhouse set your kids will love, especially if they love Disney junior! Kids will have fun with Mickey Mouse and his pals in his playhouse while hearing all of mickey’s favorite phrases. I’ve decided this has to be one of Lucy’s Christmas gifts this year. She loves Mickey Mouse and knows all the characters by name 🙂



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holiday gift guide for toddlers

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