Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, husband, a dad, or father-like figure, it can be difficult choosing a gift you think they will love. My goal when gift giving is making sure they not only love the gift itself, but will feel loved and appreciated by it as well, which can feel like a lot of pressure and stress. So, to make your holiday shopping a little easier, I am sharing my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR MEN with different gift ideas for the men in your life. Whether they’re and outdoorsy guy, loves working out, or loves doing projects around the house, there is something for everyone to love here. I actually had Brandon help me out with this gift guide by having him choose a few gifts he thought every man would love and enjoy. Some of these are actually on his personal Christmas wish list this year, and others are items he already owns and loves and would make great gifts. These are all great fail-proof gifts you can’t go wrong with giving, and a lot of them are very budget friendly items as well.



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holiday gift guide for men








1 // Peloton Bike

You all know how much we love our peloton bike around here. It is something that both Brandon and I use daily, and have enjoyed. It’s a great way to get your exercise in at home, even on the busiest of days, and will become a favorite. You can use code: MWJJHQ for $100 off.

2 // Vuori Sunday Element Jacket

Vuori is one of Brandons all time favorite brands for athleisure wear. This jacket is great for any kind of performance training, and although it is a soft knit material, it is sweat wicking and very comfortable.

3 // Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless charging pads are so great for not only charging all of your devices, but it helps eliminate all the extra charging cables and needing several different ones for each device. Brandon has one very similar to this one that he has set up on his work desk and it is something he uses all the time and loves. It charges your devices pretty quickly, and it is under $15.

4 // Vuori Kore Short

This is another one of Brandon’s favorite items from vuori that he loves and wears all the time. They are so breathable, comfortable, and are amazing quality.

5 // Vuori Long Sleeve Tradewind Performance Tee

These tee’s are a huge fan favorite, they have such great reviews, and are so breathable and comfortable. Brandon has several of these in the short sleeve version and absolutely loves them.

6 // Nike Air VaporMax Sneakers

Who doesn’t love receiving new shoes as a gift?! Air VaporMax’s are so comfortable, are great for any activity, and they also come in a few different color ways. They make a great gift every time, and they are something that everyone will use, probably every day.

7 // Clamping Sawhorses

These sawhorses can be used for any wood working project, or painting project and is used to hold the objects. This set includes clamps to help hold the object in place and make things go more smoothly. This has come in so useful for Brandon, and is something he has found helpful to have.



8 // Commission Pant

Lululemon also has a great selection for men’s clothing that they will love and wear all the time. These pants are one of their customer favorites and would make such a great gift.

9 // Vuori Langley Jacket

This jacket is made with the best performance material for extra protection, is insulated, and is perfect for the outdoorsy guy in your life. The quality is so great and is made to last.

10 // Chelsea Boots

These Chelsea boots would make the perfect gift for any guy who enjoys dressing nice, they are the perfect shoe for dressing up, and can even be worn casually. This brand is also known to make the best, comfortable shoes for men, and are great quality as well.

11 // 3D Printer

This 3d printer allows you to make three dimensional solid objects straight from a digital file. You can print high precision models, and create any projects you want. The reviews on it are so great and it is currently on major sale.

12 // Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch band is such a great, simple gift that they will use everyday, and will love. The quality is so great, it comes in several different colors, and it is under $50. We both have one and won’t be going back to the old style any time soon 🙂

13 // Drone

A drone would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel, or enjoys the outdoors. It is great for capturing amazing shots from long distances, high altitudes, and it is very user friendly. The reviews on it are so great, and it is under $100.

14 // Cordless Drill Kit

Another top rated item by Brandon! Tools are a gift you definitely cant go wrong with. It is something they’ll end up finding useful, and will be glad to have received it. This kit is currently on sale, and would seriously make a great gift.

15 // Vuori Joggers

These performance joggers are one of Brandons favorite pair of joggers he owns. They are so comfortable, perfect for every day wear or working out, and fit so well. They come in several different colors and are under $100.

16 // High Pressure Washer

Brandon has a pressure washer very similar to this one and he has found it very useful. It’s great for tackling cleaning projects around your home, and the reviews on this one is amazing. I even enjoy using it too!



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