How are we already nearing the end of the year?! I feel like every year we all say this, but every year it seems to sneak up on us even faster than the previous year. I know many of us are starting to get our Christmas shopping done a little earlier this year due to the many delays retailers seem to be experiencing this year. So, because of that, I decided to start getting out my holiday gift guides out earlier this year to help make your Christmas shopping a little easier. So, today I’m sharing the BEST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR KIDS filled with tons of great gift ideas for kids 4-6 years old that they will love. I included two separate gift guides, one filled with toys and the other with crafts and activities that they will all love and enjoy. It was a little hard to narrow my choices down, but I found so many great things and wanted to make this as helpful as possible for all of you!



1. Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers 1-3 Years old


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1 // Giant Rope Swing

Tree swings are one of those gifts that every kid will be sure to love! It’s a great gift that will help them be active while enjoying the outdoors, and will make many great memories they can look back on one day.

2 // Mini Basketball Hoop Set

This mini basketball hoop set would not only be great decor for a boys (or girls) room, but it’s something they’ll be using to play with as well. It is very sturdy, great quality, and provides endless hours of fun.

3 // Balance Beam

This balance beam would be perfect if you have kids who love gymnastics or want to get into gymnastics. You can adjust it from low mode to high mode, and it is long and very sturdy. Great for practicing handsprings, cartwheels, handstands, leap, jumps, walkovers, and more!

4 // The Ultimate Dollhouse

This charming and cute dollhouse is the perfect little place for dolls to call home. This is perfect for pretend play, and they even have little accessories you can purchase separately to complete the dollhouse!

5 // Bowling Set

If your kids love bowling, this will be right up their alley! This set includes the bowling pins, two bowling balls and will allow your kids to practice their bowling skills for the next time they step into a real alley!

6 // Brown Riding Horse

Instead of your typical rocking horse that just sits still, this little brown horse allows kids to ride them anywhere they want. They can easily steer it with the handlebars, and they can go as slow or as fast as they want!

7 // Mini Golf Toy Set

A set including 2 kids sized golf clubs, golf balls, three hill obstacles and a hole with a flag will not only help develop your kids coordination skills, but also a love for the game. It even comes with a golf bag to put all their things in! We plan on getting this for Edison, and I think he will really love it!

8 // Hot Wheels Remote Control Car

We have this remote control car, and it’s one of Edison’s most loved toys! It’s a classic toy every kid will love and will play with and enjoy for a long time!

9 // Jumbo Slinky

This jumbo slinky is seriously so big, your kids will love it! This is currently on Edisons wish list, and we plan on getting it. It’s under $20, and such a great classic toy.

10 // Bumper Car

These bumper cars are so much fun, I would’ve loved them as a kid! You can spin a full 360 degrees using the joystick or remote controls. It also comes with a seat belt so they’ll be safe, which gives me a peace of mind! You can also purchase two so your kids can play with their sibling or a friend for more fun!

11 // Micro Cruiser Scooter

A scooter always makes a great gift on Christmas Day. This micro cruiser has large wheels that require less effort and make for an easier and smoother ride. It’s also super lightweight and very easy to carry.

12 // Dome Climber Play Center

This free standing dome climber play center is very sturdy, and a fun gift your kids will enjoy. It’s a great way for kids to enjoy spending time outdoors while playing and getting their energy out.

13 // Moonlight Ballet Box

I always thought these were the cutest things as a little girl growing up. This would make such a great Christmas box, and it’s great for storing jewelry or anything they desire. It plays music and has the cutest ballerina silhouettes.

14 // Harmonica

This harmonica is the perfect gift for little music enthusiasts. If your kids have a love for music, this would be a great option for them, and it’s only $15!

15 // Joinks

These colorful constructed joins will definitely keep your kids entertained for hours. You can flex, connect, build, and play with them to create and build anything they want!

16 // Zoo-Ominoes

This dominoes set is so fun and different, it comes with 25 zoo animals, the dominoes of course, and fun obstacles and contraceptions to make things even more fun and exciting!

17 // Roller Skates

A great alternative to a scooter or a bike are roller skates! They are so much fun, and can be used indoors (indoor skating rink) or outdoors. These have amazing reviews, and they are well under $100.

18 // Campout Camp Fire & S’mores

This cute little campfire set is complete with the ultimate s’mores kit to help make a great night camping from inside their own homes. The kids have this set and love it!

19 // Kids Guitar

This is another gift we plan on getting for Edison this year. It’s yet another great gift for kids who love music! It is the perfect kids sized guitar, easy to learn to use, and under $50.

20 // Drop Battle Set

This is also another gift we plan on getting this year. It’s a fun battle game that you can play with an opponent, and you can even add onto it to make battles more challenging and fun. This is the basic kit we’re getting, but I’m sure he’ll want to add onto it some time!

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collage of kids crafts and activities







1 // Dino Egg Dig Kit

We got this Dino egg kit for Edison a while back and he absolutely loved it! It has 12 different dinosaurs they can dig up using the tools it comes with, and they can also learn about each dinosaur using the learning cards as they go. It was such a fun activity to do with him and he loved it.

2 // Microwavable Plush Sloth

Thinking of getting these for the kids this Christmas! They are plush toys that are fully microwavable to provide a soothing warmth comfort and is a great stress relief, bedtime buddy or daytime friend.

3 // Critter Robes

These cozy hooded robes are so incredibly soft, and perfect for staying warm after bath time. There are several different animals to choose from, and it is under $50.

4 // Osmo Creative Kit

This Osmo Kit is a creative kit that is compatible with iPads and is filled with tons of fun, learning games that interact with the handheld pieces provided. There are so many learning games that your kids will love, and enjoy.

5 // Sequence for Kids

This game of sequence is an exciting strategic game made just for kids. It’s fun, easy to play, and under $15!

6 // Dino Slippers

Perfect gift to open up on Christmas morning, and great for staying nice and warm around the house. They are so soft and cozy, and under $50.

7 // Unicorn Slippers

An alternative option to #6, but in the unicorn critter option. Seriously, how cute are these! Your kids will love them.

8 // Pop It Fidget Toy

These fidget toys are so popular with kids right now, they all seem to love them no matter how many they own!

9 // Super Puffs

These super puffs stick together when moistened to create cool, unique sculptures and 3d projects. They help inspire creativity and imagination, and are so affordable under $15.

10 // Create Your Own Sand Art Kit

This kit comes with everything your kids will need to create their own cool designs by layering the different colorful sands to create their own personalized design.

11 // Ant Factory

An ant habitat where you can observe live ants and learn about them. We are probably getting this for Edison, he’s really going to enjoy it!

12 // Glitter Dots Jewelry Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to create fun, glitter jewelry that your kids can wear and enjoy. It’s a DIY Bracelet and necklace kit with tons of charms you can add and is a mess-free activity which is a huge plus!

13 // Guess Who Game

Such a classic, but fun game! It’s a great, fun game for kids to play with their friends, or siblings.

14 // Glow in the Dark Stars

You guys have seen me talk about these a few times, we got these for Edison a while back and he absolutely loves them! You can stick them onto the ceiling or walls and they will glow in the dark and they help serve as a little bit of a night light.

15 // 3D Sand Painting Kit

Kids can create their own sand art with this sand painting kit that has everything they need including a paint brush, palette knife, texture took, watercolors and more! Under $15 and a great way for kids to get creative.

16 // Paint by Stickers: Mermaids & Magic

We love these fun sticker books, they are a huge hit in our house! You can use the stickers provided to reveal and create a picture. Its great for kids, and a great activity to take on the go!

17 // Paint by Stickers: Dinosaurs

Another version for the sticker books, they have so many fun topics and themes to choose from, and they are under $10.

18 // Family Mood Bears

This Family Mood Bear set encourages discussion about families and feelings while kids play with the wooden puzzles. Kids can change the faces and outfits on the wooden trays while furthering their social and emotional skills.

19 // Stamp-A-Scene-Fairy Garden 

This is such a fun and creative activity for kids to do. They can take a simple plain piece of paper and turn it into a beautiful fairy-filled master piece and they will have so much fun doing so!

20 // Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game

As you all know, we love family game nights at our house! This Disney game is such a fun game to play with friends and families that kids will also enjoy.

21 // Rainbow Scratch Books

Another fun, creative activity for kids to use and play with! These are great for on the go, traveling, and come with stickers, a cleaning cloth, and wooden styluses that they can use to scratch off their own favorite designs.

22 // What Makes me Great Book

Such a cute book that is personalized and will help remind your kids of all the special qualities that make them who they are.




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