Now that I am officially less than a month away from my due date, I am getting so nervous and so excited for baby #3 to be here. We have spent the last several months not only preparing for baby #3 in making sure we have all of baby’s necessities, but also preparing the kids for baby’s arrival as well. When bringing a new baby home, you might find that your older kids will often get a little jealous, will start to act out, and they might even hit a regression. These are all very normal things, after all, change can be a scary and difficult thing for everyone… even for kids! But, that is why it is so important to talk to your kids and help prepare them ahead of time so they know what to expect and can better handle the new change.

So, today I am sharing a few HELPFUL TIPS FOR INTRODUCING YOUR TODDLER TO A NEW SIBLING that will come in handy when the time comes. These are all things I did when we brought Lucy home, and it really helped Edison with the transition, and I plan on implementing these tips again this time as well. I am also sharing a few toys and activities for the kids to keep busy during those long nursing sessions or when you have your hands tied up with the new little one.  I know the transition can be stressful for everyone involved, but implementing these tips really helped make for an easier and smoother transition. 😊

Are there any tips that helped you when bringing a new sibling home? Leave your tips in the comments below to help any mama’s that will be needing them soon!


helpful tips to introduce sibling to new baby



1- Have them get each other a special gift from each other. We like to tell the kids that “the baby” is going to bring them a gift and in return we like to have the big kids go out shopping and pick out some goodies to gift to the new baby, that way they both get something. It’s a fun way for everyone to feel special.

This time we ordered the kids a second Nugget Couch. As you can see they love theirs so much and we have always been told by friends that you can do so much more with 2 couches. I know this will be something that will really engage their attention.


2- Have a basket of small activities next to where you will be nursing that can only be used during that time. This will keep them occupied during this time when your hands are limited. Several of these engaging toys listed below are great toys to use. Anything to keep your kids entertained for 30+ minutes. Or even small games and activities you can do when your hands are busy.


3- Talk to your kids about the baby before baby’s arrival so they know what to expect. Reading books like this one helps them understand a little more and will make the transition a little easier. I honestly think that reading books to prep children is one of the best ways to prepare them for anything. It paints a picture in their mind, it’s a easy way to start the discussion, and overall something that they can understand. See what books we love below.


I’m a big sister 

I’m a big brother

My New Baby 

Waiting for Baby 



4- Have your partner help spend time with the older kids while you are nursing or taking care of the baby. Sometimes easier said than done, but this will be one way you can help distract the kids with something positive. It can be hard for your kids to hear again and again. “Sorry, mommy can’t help right now, I am holding the new baby”. So having your partner or relative who is helping out spend time with the kids is so important.


5- Give the older siblings some special one on one time. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day, make sure they have this special time where they have your undivided attention. Go on a quick walk together, step outside and eat ice cream together, go to their room and read books together. Show interest in what your kid loves doing with you. They will cherish this one on one time.



helpful tips to introduce toddler to new sibling


Answering your questions on how to transition from one child to two on this post HERE 







siblings playing in the house



1 // Lite Brite

Such a fun way to have your kids get creative and bring their artwork to life. The pegs light up on the screen, and there are so many different design templates to use.

2 // Travel Easel

This easel is a great way to get creative, it has a reversible art board with chalkboard on one side, and a dry erase board on the other. It also includes games, and ideas to build math, reading and creativity skills. It’s also travel friendly so you can easily take it on the go. I love that this is one thing the older kids can do sitting next to you.

3 // Playhouse

Love this playhouse for pretend play. It’s a great way for kids to use their imagination and it creates a dreamy place where they can spend hours playing.

4 // Magnetic Tiles Set

Very similar to #16,  kids can use these magnetic tiles to build anything they desire. I liked this set in particular because  you can make it into a race track, and it even comes with cars as well. This is one item that I really considered getting for the kids. It always holds their attention for awhile and I know this race track would be a fun addition.

5 // Mega Maze

This kit comes with 50 dry erase mazes that your kids can do, and there are three different difficulty levels so they can improve their skills over time. This is a great activity to take on the go, and I love that it is mess-free! We have this, I have yet to give it to Edison. But plan to if I need an extra distraction.

6 // Fishing Jr.

This box is full of tons of educational games and activities to get your kids engaged and learning! While there are tons of games for your kids to play on their own, there are also two games that can be played as a family, which is a great way to spend some quality time together during this time. Another great toy that you could do while holding a baby to make sure the older sibling still feels included.

7 // Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher is a great way to bring the fun outdoors. Load the rocket, stomp, and see how far it soars into the sky! Great for everyone to get outside for some fresh air.

8 // Paint by Stickers Book

One item I plan to get Edison. Kids can create pictures using the stickers provided, and there are different topics to choose from as well. It is a great activity to take on the go, or use at home.

9 // Dinosaur Play Set

If your kids are into dinosaurs, this will be a huge hit and will probably keep them busy and entertained for hours. It includes 9 different dinosaurs and an activity play mat as well.

10 // Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards At Home

Such a fun game to play with your little ones at home (since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there). It has simple and easy questions and prompts for your toddler and is a great way for them to keep busy and explore. I love that you can do this while feeding the baby, or even resting on the couch. Give the kids a new item to find, run around the house, and give you a minute to yourself snuggling that new baby.

11 // Glow in the Dark Marble Run Set

This is another great toy that will keep your kids busy for a while. They can build this marble run set and the best part is it is glow in the dark (which kids love!) This was one item we got for Edison about a month after having Lucy. I am not exaggerating when I say it help his attention for a solid 45 minutes to an hour the first time he played it. Then of course kept his attention each and every time he played with it! Worth every penny!

12 // Counting Bears

Counting bears are another great activity for kids to do on their own, or you could play fun games together during nursing sessions as well. I’ve done this with the kids and they love it. We do patterns, call out colors to find all of the “blues” for example, speed counting, etc. You could even place these bears in a sensory bin of noodles.

13 // Nugget Couch

Everyone says that 2 nugget couches is better than one, so I ended up buying the kids this as their gift from the baby. We already have it in this rodeo color, but got the day break one too so they can build more with it. The kids use ours almost daily so I know this will be something  they will love and will keep them distracted.

14 // Airfort

Not going to lie, I would have loved this as a kid!! Simply connect this to a box fan, and it instantly inflates within seconds! It’s breathable and the kids can play inside for hours. I love that it doesn’t take up more room in your house as it completely deflates.

15 // Doodle Board

This is another great option to take on the go, or use at home. This doodle board is great for drawing and letting your kids get creative. After they’re done, or if they want to start over, they can simply erase it and start over.

16 // Magna-Qubix Set

These magnetic tiles are so fun for kids, and will typically keep them busy for hours. Using their imagination, they can build anything they want to. From robots, to towers and buildings, the options are endless! This is one item Edison is currently saving up for. He played with his cousins and I couldn’t believe how long he played with these. I always excited about toys that kept his attention.

17 // Stepping Stones

We have something similar to these stepping stones and like to use a cube (similar to this one) to play fun games. We lay out the colorful stones around the house and use the cube to call out colors to run to. Use these to your advantage while feeding the baby. Have the kids lay them around the living room, call out a color and have them run, skip, hop to the colors. It’s always a hit.

18 // Thomas & Friends All around Sodor Set

This motorized deluxe train set includes Thomas and all of his friends. They help deliver cargo, and even stop and talk to each other as they pass each other on the tracks! You can also easily combine this track with other Thomas and friends train sets if you have them. This was the gift Lucy brought Edison when we had her. He was so train obsessed that this was the perfect gift for him. He played with this new trains for hours. Once they loose interest, build a new track.







siblings playing

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