HELLO 2019

First blog post up for the New Year! I am not even surprised there is a pop of leopard! It seems that that last part of 2018 I began a major obsession with leopard and found some great pieces that are continuously worn over and over again. This mock/turtleneck top being one of them. I actually had to tell myself I can’t buy anymore leopard for some time. Do you ever have to tell yourself that about a certain piece of clothing, maybe lululemon pants, jeans, denim jackets? Been there will all three of these!

I paired this fun top with a lightweight cardigan tucked into my denim for a bit of a change up. I am not ready to give up on the tops tucked into jeans phase just yet. I know the time is coming, let’s be honest, it is already here!! No jeans are fitting me anymore now that I am 16 weeks along in this pregnancy. I need to go find some super low rise jeans so I can get away with it a little longer before it’s an obvious no. You notice I don’t say maternity jeans 🙂 I hope to hold off for as long as possible before I have to break those out.

leopard top: Urban Outfitters | white cardigan: Nordstrom | denim: Urban Outfitters | booties: Kelsi Dagger | bucket Bag: GiGi New York | sunglasses: Rayban


xo, Camilla

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