Say bye to Steve Urkel and hello to the cutest suspender pants I have ever seen!
But really, the cream color, wide shoulder straps, and matching width belt accent makes these pants so much fun.
I already have several ways I plan to wear them!

On another note today, Happy 4th Anniversary to Navy Grace!!!!
I can’t believe I have been blogging for 4 years. What a fun, learning, challenging 4 years it has been.
But I have loved every moment of it.

striped tee: Urban Outfitters  |  suspender pants: Urban Outfitters  |  sandals  |  sunglasses: Le Specs  |  handbag: Senreve 

My few favorite things and memories about blogging!

I have loved getting the chance to meet so many of you, in person, as well as feeling like I have meet online. I love feeling connected with even more of you through IG Messages. Having so much help from all of you through motherhood as been such a blessing and has been the best highlight this past year.
I do really love when people stop me to say hello when they see me in public. It’s so fun to actually put a face to a name.

In real honesty, one of my very favorite things about Navy Grace the past 2 years has been a great journal keepsake for Edison and my Motherhood moments.
Being able to watch Edison grow and change every week or 2 when we shoot photos is so much fun. I love having a professional photographer capture our little moments I can keep forever.

Edison is the star of the show, obviously.I say this a lot, but this story makes it all true. I had my good friend Haley come down to visit and help tend Edison shortly after we purchased our new home. I had a design meeting with our Designer and needed Haley to watch Edison for us. She wanted to do a little shopping so she took him to our nearest mall. While at Old Navy, a sweet lady and stopped Haley and had asked if it was Edison in the stroller. Haley, of course responded ‘Yes!’ Shocked. I found it pretty impressive that one of my followers could spot Edison in public without me with him!! Such a fun story!

A look back at a few of my very first blog posts!!! 

Oh man are these quite embarrassing to see and even link back to. But it’s all fun and games and even better to see how far I have come with not looking so angry at the camera!!

Very first post launched August 1, 2014 – I took these photos on a total make shift tripod all alone in our summer apartment in Charleston!

You are the Coco to my Chanel 

January 15, 2015 

Maternity September 2016

xo, Camilla



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