Let the count down begin to Christmas, now that we are officially in December!
I am sharing one of my favorite gift guides this year. The best gifts for new moms!

Whether you are a first time mom, or a mom to 4, maybe even looking for ideas for yourself, or shopping for someone else. This Gift Guide for new moms is my best one yet! All tried and true favorites of everything I have loved and used as a new mama myself.

So many of these gifts are currently on sale as part of Cyber Monday. So be sure to check them out and shop fast!!
You can check out my gifts for the new mama guide from last year HERE.



THE BEST GIFT FOR NEW MOMS featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace.


THE BEST GIFT FOR NEW MOMS featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace. Gifts for a new mama



24 Gifts for New Moms:

1// Mama Necklace  – Such a sweet gift as a new mom! Especially if it is her first baby. I love being able to wear a necklace that says mama or my children’s name on it when at the hospital.

2// Freshly Picked Diaper Bag  – One of my very favorite Diaper bags! So many great color choices too! – You can see my diaper bag review here. 

3// Nursing Friendly House Dress  – I live in this dress for the first month or two. Great to wear while at home or to sleep in. It’s super easy to breastfeed in, and is super flowy which is a must after having a baby.

4// Moccasins – Always appreciated!

5// Dock A Tot – One of my very favorite baby products. I am still using it for Lucy, need to transfer her out of it soon. But it is well worth the money. I actually don’t use mine to co-sleep, but instead put it into the bassinet next to our bed. Best gifts for the new mama.

6// Uppa Baby Stroller – My favorite stroller I have owned, and I have owned a few. I know its a bit of a splurge, but it is worth every penny! It also grows with your family which is a major reason why we chose this stroller. You can see my review on other strollers I have owned HERE. 

7// Striped Lounge Top and Pants  – Every new mom needs some cute new lounge clothes to feel good one. I love this neutral but classic set.

8// Hatch Sound Machine  – I don’t have this exact one, but from what I have heard it is the best sound machine out there!

9// Halo SleepSack Swaddle – Another top favorite product. I hate fussing with a swaddle throughout the night. This swaddle has velcro which keeps the babies arms tight and secure. When we are out of the swaddling phase, I also love the sleepsacks!

10// Slippers – Especially if the new mama is due in the Winter. Great to throw on to get out of bed to nurse.

11// Boppy Nursing Pillow  – Still using mine each night and Lucy is 6 months old. It’s such a great baby product to have. You can even switch out the cover to make it more personable to you. Tons of cute ones on Etsy.

12// Nuna Pipa Carseat  – Currently on sale!! We have this carseat and love it. We picked this one because it is super lightweight.



13// Nursing Bra  – I recently got this bra and my first time using a nursing bra like this style and I am shocked at how much I love this. Super comfortable too.

14// Solly Baby Wrap  – Every new mama needs one of these! The special bond you feel while wearing your baby is like nothing else. Plus it’s great to be able to be hands free.

15// Tubby Todd Lotion and Shampoo  – Some of our favorite lotions and shampoos. I love this beginner set.

16// Personalized Name Ring  – If you know the babies name already, this is such a sweet gift to give.

17// Silk Hair Ties   – I have these on my list this year! A great gift since a new mama is still learning and figuring out breastfeeding. You don’t want your hair in the way to distract!

18// Solly Baby Swaddle  – My favorite kinds of swaddles. I love that they are stretchy and giving. They also fold up small to fit in diaper bags.

19// Hydro Flask Tumber and Lid – As a new mom or breastfeeding mom, water is your best friend! Having a cup to keep your water cold is a must!

20// Gathre Changing Mat  – I love using this as a diaper changing mat. It folds up small to fit inside your bag too!

21// Bibs Pacifiers – Love these, and plus they are super cute!

22// Owlet Baby Monitor  – My number 1 baby item to have! Currently on sale and $100 off!!!! It is such a peace of mind being able to have a device track the heart rate and oxygen level of your baby. Best gifts for the new mama

23// Lillimer Lil Bud’s Breast Comfort Pack – I wish so badly that I was introduced to these when I had Edison. I had the worst clogged ducts on a regular basis. I would use a heating pad that was so big and kind of obnoxious. These Lil Bud’s are the perfect size! So genius.

24// Diaper Cream Spatula – I was given this as a gift when I had Lucy by a friend of mine and I seriously love it. It is such a great tool to use so you aren’t getting your hands gross!




THE BEST GIFT FOR NEW MOMS featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace.THE BEST GIFT FOR NEW MOMS featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace. THE BEST GIFT FOR NEW MOMS featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace.

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