This Gift guide for toddlers and  shopping guide was created in December 2018 and recreated in December 2019 


Happy Mama Monday!

Today I wanted to share my gift guide round up for toddlers. All toys, activities and more for your toddler boys and girls!
So many of the items I have shared about we personally own. Several others are on our list to get Edison for Christmas as well as sometime this year. I really like to spread his toys out throughout the year because that way he can enjoy one toy for a long time before giving it up.

In fact for his birthday which was in November, I stored away a few gifts that his friends gave him in his closet to pull out in the future!

What do you plan to gift your toddler this year?

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The best toddler gift guide for toys and crafts for all toddlers. Any boy or girl toddler would love any of these 32 great gift ideas. The best toddler gift guide for toys and crafts for all toddlers. Any boy or girl toddler would love any of these 32 great gift ideas.

1 – Wooden Camera – If your child loves pretend taking photos as much as mine does, then this camera would be so much fun

2 – Pajama Set – I was recently introduced to these pajamas that cost only $16!!! I ordered 3 pairs. The fit is so perfect and they are plenty stretchy and the color options are so good!

3- Dry Erase and Chalkboard Easel – I have wanted to get Edison one of these since he turned two! I think he would love this

4- Water Wow – We have a few of these and they are so much fun. Perfect for church, traveling and any quiet time.

5- Puzzle – Edison is still figuring out puzzles, but he would love this one of cars.

6- Lightening McQueen Ride On Car – I think I have to order this for Edison. Most likely his new favorite toy ever!

7- Paw Patrol Magnet Book – Another great idea for traveling, church, restaurants etc.

8- Frozen Magnet Book – A fun girl option

9- Baby Doll – This doll is so darling.

10- Thomas The Train – A toddler must have

11- Dust, Sweep, and Mop – Edison sure loves helping around the house with chores. I adore this set

12- Play Kitchen Set – We are getting Edison a play kitchen and I can’t wait for him to open it!

13- Glow in The Dark Race Car Bend Flex – Edison just got this for this 2nd birthday and it is a total hit. Super easy for them to move around and turn the car on

14- Scooter – I think we will wait for summer to come around, but this is high on our list.

15- Strider Balance Bike – We have this in Green and it is so much fun watching them ride it.

16- Mega Building Blocks – We have had these since Edison was 1 year. But it wasn’t until recently he really showed interest. He plays with them and loves to make tunnels for his cars or balls

17- Magnetic Building Blocks – The next step up from the mega building blocks.

18- Maileg Twin Mice in a Box – I always see these and think they are so darling

19- Train Set – We have this one and it is so fun

20- Superhero Cape – We have this as well. We used it for Edison’s Nacho Libre costume and he loves it

21- Police Remote Control Car – I am on the hunt for a new remote control car since ours recently broke. It is something that can entertain for a long time. Dad even gets to enjoy it too.

22- Playdoh Set – Love this set. We need some of the tools in this one. Great deal.

23- Baby Doll Stroller – Every toddler girl needs this

24- Stuffed Animal Unicorn – Darling!

25- Hotwheels Car Race Track – Another item that is high on our list for Eddie boy this year

26- Barn and Farm Animals – We got this earlier this year and has been so much fun

27- Monkey Noodle Stretchy String – Another great toy for restaurants, church and travel

28- Doodle Board – Fun toy for church, traveling and restaurants

29- Remote Control Car – Here is our second choice! Either are great

30- Magnetic Board and Storage – We got this as a birthday present this year. I love that it has a chalkboard and dry erase marker too. Plus all the magnets can be hidden underneath

31- Cash Register – Such a fun toy

32- Chunkies Paint Sticks (not pictured) – I meant to include these. Just ordered these for Edison. Such a great home activity


xo, Camilla


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