Christmas is 5 days away! FIVE DAYS AWAY!!!
Have you finished your shopping yet? Luckily we can all rely on Amazon to get us our last and final gifts this year with 2 day shipping!
I wanted to do a quick round up of several gifts you can get for anyone at any age this Christmas!

I also have everything in one place as far as top toys for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, last minute Christmas gift ideas, favorite home products, children books, and mama must haves ALL FOUND HERE!


Needing last minute gifts? Camilla of Navy Grace shares with you last minute gifts that are perfect for anyone on your list - last minute gifts no more!


1 – 2nd Generation Echo – One of our very most used products! We use it daily for checking on weather, new news, to play music, turn on our apple tv. So many everyday uses.

2- Apple Airpods – I love having bluetooth headphones. Love how sleek these are

3- Wooden Accordion Rack – Such a great gift to give or receive.

4- Kids Scooter – Got Edison one of these, but waiting to give it to him until it is a little warmer outside!

5- Sony Alpha a6000 Camera – Pretty sure Brandon is getting me this for Christmas. Excited to give it a try. I have heard so many good things about it.

6- Coloring Roll – Such a good gift to give any child

7- Avocado Slicer + Pitter  – Another product that gets used a few times a week. We eat a lot of avocado in our home so this tool is great

8- Melissa and Doug Water Wow – Love keeping these all around the house and in our out and about bags.

9- Amazon Gift Card – For the person who is super difficult to shop for. Amazon has just about everything imaginable, so a gift card is actually a wonderful gift to give.

10- Portable Phone Charger – Love having one of these. Makes traveling so much easier. I even use mine in my house when I am needing to be on my phone, but the battery is low.

11- iPad Case Holder for Kids – We have this ipad case for Edison and it is super great to hold on to, protects the screen and I love that it has a easy handle. I will hang it off of things too, like the headrest (coat rack) in our Tesla

12- Roomba Vacuum – Seriously a GAME CHANGER. Who ever you gift this to, will love and thank you!

13- Bathtub Caddy – Just got myself one of these. I am so excited to be able to take an enjoyable bath with all the things I need right in front of me.

14- Strawberry Hauler – It’s those gifts people never buy for themselves, yet will use.

15- Apple Charging Dock Station – Love this idea

16- Egg Cooker – Best gift! I’ll tell you what. This product is so useful.

17- Wooden Wall Pegs – Just got these for our master bathroom. Love the look of them!

18- Dyson V8 Vacuum – Want and need one of these!

19- Dump Truck – Edison loves this cute little truck

20- Strider Balance Bike – We also own this item too! Such a great gift for toddlers

Other Ideas Not Pictured Above

Magnetic Drawing Board – Great quiet activity

Plasma Car – Another alternative to a strider bike. We don’t own this, but anyone that does will tell you how great they are for kids of all ages.

Spike Ball Game – Such a good grass or beach game

Heated Blanket – Not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to be gifted this!

Deep Tissue Neck Massager – My dad and sister have these and really love them to help with headaches.




xo, Camilla



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