forehead kiss tee: Recycled Design
flying monkey jeans: Recycled Design
blazer: H&M
studded pumps: Go Jane
bullet shell necklace: Recycled Design
stone ring: Recycled Design
x ring: Forever 21 
mini bar necklace: Bauble Bar
clutch: Banana Republic

Hope you have had a great week thus far. This was the first weekend that my husband and I could relax since he has been home. It was just what I needed, to say the least. Now I’m ready for a good long week ahead. 

Recycled Design has done it again. This tee is so comfortable and can be mixed and matched or layered so many different ways. I love that it is versatile, you can easily dress it up like I did here, or dressed down for a casual errand day. It seems like the days I cant find anything to wear I gravitate towards something comfortable and chic, so if you are like me than you need to add this shirt to your wardrobe. 


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