Nothing says vintage like big bold floral prints and shoulder pads does it!
Well good thing this fun oversized blazer has both of those things and therefore declares it a perfect vintage piece. But the best part and dead giveaway was the “old lady” smell it had when I first opened it up. That is a true sign of a classic vintage staple.

vintage floral blazer: Urban Outfitters – similar here + here   |  denim: Topshop  |  white tee: Madewell  |  handbag: Gucci  |  sunglasses: Rayban 50mm  |  pumps: similar here


Today I wanted to share a little new secret of mine!!
For the last 2 months I started using Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions and boy has it been so so good!!
I have always had super fine, thin hair. So, just having a few extra wefts of hair to add thickness has been a game changer! I didn’t want extensions for length just as a personal preference. I don’t feel like I can pull off long hair. However I wanted to get the clip in extensions from Barefoot Blonde to add thickness.

Every day I add in 1 of the 4 inch wefts (in the back) and 2 of the 1.5 inch wefts (on the sides closer to my face). I feel that is just what I needed by giving my hair just a little bit more volume, plus while staying on the low maintenance side, because I only add in 3 wefts compared to the 10 wefts it comes with.

I got the Peanut Butter and Jealous color and love how it is a subtle ombre which is what my actual hair looks like, so it blends perfectly! So, I did have to chop a bit of the length off, which was super sad, but overall what I wanted. Just recently BFB  just released their new BFB 2 Piece which is for shorter hair. At the time, they didn’t have this option available for me when ordering. If I were to reorder again, this is the option I would go.

One of my favorite things about Barefoot Blonde Hair is the Home Try On kit! First off, it’s literally the cutest package and is so fun to be able to pick and choose a color that matches perfectly for your hair. I was surprised that the color I originally would have purchased, without the Home Try On kit, wasn’t the best match for my hair overall. So I am happy they offer the kit to try on 3-5 small wefts! The other good part is that it is free. All you pay is shipping, which is only $5!

If you are in the market for buying new hair extensions be sure to stop by Barefoot Blonde. The quality of the hair is amazing and you will feel like a new lady with thick, gorgeous hair!



xo, Camilla

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