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Today I wanted to do something a little different for today’s Baby Registry Wish List. 
If you are a new mama like me, trying to find the perfect carseat can be a little overwhelming.
So today I have teamed up with The Baby Cubby to  help you find the best carseats around. One for each new stage in your little bundle of joys life.  

 I will be sharing 4 different carseats that I feel are the best for the money and more importantly the safety of your child.  Because that is the most important thing to consider when picking out any carseat. 
If you are newly pregnant with your first, I would highly suggest investing in your carseat as soon as you can! Of course you won’t be able to leave the hospital with out having one, but let’s get you one before you go into labor.
I’ll be honesty, that is one of my biggest fears,  going into an early labor and not having almost everything I need or ready before the little guy gets here! eeeek!!! It sort of freaks me out! But I’m sure there are worst things in the world. 🙂

Let’s get started! 

Infant Carseat
I personally decided to go with the Nuna Pipa for my Infant Carseat for many reasons. 
1. The looks. I love how sleek and sophisticated this car seat is. From the all black color scheme to the dream drape this one has be all googily eyes!
2. It’s light Weight. When I was shopping around, I instantly fell in love with how light weight the Nuna Pipa was compared to all other infant car seats. I already have a feeling I will have a chubby little baby only because my husband was a chunky little guy 🙂 so I will do anything to save a couple extra pounds. 
3. Safety. One thing that really stood out to me about this particular carseat is the car seat base. It is the only one that has a steel enforced stability leg. This is considered a safety feature because the impact of a car wreck would go onto the base instead of the carseat itself.  Making it as safe as it can be for your little one.
4. Easy to use. It is such a big deal for me to have a carseat that is super easy to maneuver. Easy to clip in and out of the base making it quick and simple to get your baby in and out of the car. 

Convertible Carseat 
I will be honest, I am still a little torn between two different Convertible Carseats.
But if I had to choose today, I would go with the Nuna Rava
Again, the looks have won it over for me. I love how simple, and sleek this one is. If you are like me and always looking for a fuss-free carseat this one will give you just that!  It will indicate with colors when you have installed it correctly, which is something I would love since carseats are a new thing to me, and I want to make sure it is very secure.
I love that it has a total of 10 different positions for reclining  purposes that are easy to do with just one hand. Plus, they also make switching from rear to facing forward easy as can be! You can keep your child in this carseat, rear facing up to 50 pounds before you need a booster seat. 

My second option would be the Maxi-Cosi 2015 Pria 85.
I love the looks of this one as well. But what I love most is it is made to fit better in your car, allowing more room for the front seat passengers.
Something to consider if you or your husband are tall 🙂 
Compared to the Nuna Rava, this carseat will hold your child from 14 pounds to 85 pounds. Beating all the other carseats in its class in the weight department. I know, I know this all sounds good, but another thing that makes me so excited about this car seat is how easy it is to keep clean, because let’s not fool ourselves. We will have to clean this carseat ALL THE TIME!!! Thanks to those little dirty monsters we call our loved ones 🙂 This is one carseat that is machine washable and even dryer safe!!!! 
As far as safety goes for the Maxi-cosi, this one is highly rated because of it’s ​advanced air cushion system. If you were to get into a side impact crash your child’s head will be protected making it that much more of a win in my book!

Last but not least the Booster
I am already eyeing this particular booster from Nuna, even though I am a long ways away from needing it. But the Nuna AACE is such a chic looking booster that I know I will have to get it one day.
This is one of the first and only booster carseats that grows with your child both vertically and horizontally, setting it apart from all other carseats. The idea of this booster is to help transition your child from the convertible carseat to a no back booster. This one does have the ability to convert to a no back booster making it that much better, that way you don’t have to buy a non-back booster separately. 

If you are looking for a one stop place to find the rest of your baby must have items. I would highly suggest visiting The Baby Cubby. They have made the whole process  simple and so easy with all the research they have done, they know what will be best and safest for you and your baby.
They honestly did all the hard work for you which is just one way that makes them different from the rest! 
My favorite thing about The Baby Cubby is they always price match. Even with Amazon!!!!! say what!! Yes, they are always making sure you are getting the best deal out there.
Not only that, but they always offer free shipping with orders over $49. 

I hope this post helped you narrow it down and you are ready to  get the carseat that your child needs! 
​I know I am! 🙂

​xo, Camilla 

​Thank you for The Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post


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