I am so excited to share with all of you everything we love and use almost daily with Edison. This guide is best used for ages 12 and up. I know that by the time Edison is 18 months old the list will change or we will continue to find new things that make our lives easier. Right now, these are all things we can’t live without!

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4Moms High Chair
Go read our review here! Really have loved this high chair. It’s easy to clean, buckle, and has a an extra tray top.

Nuby Straw Cup
This has been Edison’s go to sippy cup at lunch time! He seems to pick this one over others. It is super easy to take apart to clean.

NUK Sippy Cup
We have been using this sippy cup each morning, bedtime, and after his afternoon nap. It took him a couple days for him to transition to a bottle, but now it’s no problem!

Food Tray
Such a great beginner plate to start using. Edison doesn’t automatically pick it up, like a typical bowel or plate because it has a flat edge! Love these!!

Painter Smock Bib
The ultimate take on a new bib. I promise you, if you care about your kids clothing, which you should, then this will become your best friend. I love using it when Edison eats Avocados and bananas especially since they get so messy! I even put in on over the high chair straps to save them from getting messy too!Freshly

Picked Moccasins 
Basically the only shoe Edison wears! Worth every penny!

Munchkin Food Containers
Such a great way to store food in your diaper bag. Plus it is a great way keep them entertained!

Maxi Cosi Carseat
Currently on sale right now!! We love this carseat. We have only been using it for a month, but so far haven’t had any problems!

Hand Sanitizing Wipes
These come everywhere with us!!! We use them at home before we eat each meal, to clean toys, and after making any messes. I also keep them in my diaper bag for when we are in public restaurants. I am always sure to wipe down the table and highchair before Edison starts eating. I order these through my subscription account on Amazon. They come every 2 months that way I never run out!

Uppa Baby/Vista Stroller
My go to everyday stroller! The reason I choose this one over any others that I own is because it’s so user friendly! You can push one handed, maneuver easily over curbs, and has a large under carriage. I especially love this stroller for long days being out and about or while shopping to hold all my shopping bags!

Baby Gate
We have recently needed to add more baby gates into our house. This one is affordable and great for a location you aren’t walking through often. In that case see my recommendation below for a gate with a door!

Bath Toy Net
Our bath toys were getting a little out of control so we needed to find an organizer. So far really loving this one. It is large enough to hold all of his toys, plus room for more! It also comes with two suction cup hooks.

Fork and Spoons
Of course you can buy these anywhere, but we really do love these!

Munchkin 360 Cup
These were one of the first sippy cups Edison started using. We love using them during lunch.

Kids HydroFlask Water bottle
We have this exact Hydro bottle and we keep it in my diaper bag. It’s practical for those warm months of the year to keep water cool!

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller
We use this stroller while traveling or anytime or fun family days walking around the beach walks! It honestly is the best for traveling because it folds up so small and can be worn as a backpack! See more of my review here!

Non Slip Tub Mat
How does anyone not have a non slip tub mat. Any time we are out of town and have to bath him in another tub, it is like danger central. He is slipping and sliding everywhere. Just for my sanity I love having this mat so I don’t have to stress all of bath time. Especially when Edison chooses to stand and walk during bath time rather than sit and play 🙂

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment 
I keep this product all around the house. Anywhere we have a diaper stash and in the diaper bag. It is such a great product. Earlier this winter I noticed a small dry patch on Edison’s shoulder. After rubbing the All Over Ointment on for a few days, it cleared it right up!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag
My favorite diaper bag!! I get asked which I prefer between the Freshly Picked and the Fawn Design. Honestly, it’s a close call, but FP is the winner! It is for simple reasons too! Overall both bags are great! I would recommend at least owning one of these!

Tubby Todd Lotion + Hair and Body Wash 
Our favorite Lotion and body wash. Also use their bubble bath. One tip I have is using the lotion in your kids hair as a gel. It doesn’t hold all day, but I don’t feel like I need to use an actual gel in Edison’s hair just yet.

Angelcare Baby Monitor 
Go read our review here! This saves my life in my house. The way our home is designed, the master bedroom and the nursery are on opposite sides of the home and I sometimes can’t hear him cry early in the morning if I am in a deep sleep. Thankfully I have my monitor on my nightstand to hear when he wakes up!

Triple Paste Diaper Cream 
Another favorite from our Baby Registry Wish List! Still a favorite of ours. Edison will still sometimes get a diaper rash and this clears it up so much quicker than Desitin. Just remember to put it on like thick frosting. Thicker the better!

Cusinart Food Processor 
This is our new recent favorite. After your recommendations I started sneaking in vegetables into Edison’s food. I chopped up spinach, mushrooms, and cooked sausage links from Trader Joe’s into the Food Processor and then added it to scrambled eggs. I have also done just plain spinach and added it to Annie’s Mac + Cheese. He ate them both no problem!

Ergo Baby Carrier 
We haven’t used this in a little bit. But still keep it in our car. It is great for long days being out and about. We used it almost everyday while we were in Italy. It’s a good way to get your little one to nap too on a long day!

IKEA Hooded Bath Towel
Love these towels so much. They are bigger than the typical ones you can find at Target, but still aren’t big kid towels!

Gathre Mat 
You need this! Not just one, but several! I use the micro still and keep it in my diaper bag. I keep a mid size one in my car and at our home, and the large mat by our front door for when we are going out as a family.

Baby Gate with Door 
Really love this gate! It’s easy to use and it does the great job of keeping Edison out of places he shouldn’t go.

Grass Drying Mat 
This was on my Baby Registry Wish List, but still is used daily from us to dry all of our sippy cups!

Stroller Organizer 
I feel lost if I don’t transfer my organizer when I switch strollers. I store my phone, keys, wallet. Basically anything I need to get to quickly while being out and about! I particularly love this one because it has plenty of room.

Electric Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Since Edison has gotten teeth (now 12!!) We have been brushing his teeth every morning and night. But if I am being honest, I need to be more consistent each night. Especially since he has been drinking Whole Milk.

Babyletto Crib
The cutest, and most functional crib. Edison has been sleeping in his crib since 6 months old and I love that he can continue to use it as a toddler bed since it has the convertible option.




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