Mobile phones are more than just for making calls and taking photos because of mobile apps and what they have to offer. Mobile apps have evolved throughout the years. Making almost everything easier and more accessible with just a tap on your phone. You can use banking, call an Uber, connect with friends across the world, and even get work done while you’re on the go.

With the right apps, you can transform your mobile phones into mobile workstations, movie theaters, organizers, etc. The options are endless! There are approximately 2.56 million apps for androids available through the Google Play Store and 1.96 million apps available through the Apple App Store.  Needless to say, there are apps available for everyone, no matter what your needs and interests are.

So, today I am sharing my 12 FAVORITE PHONE APPS I USE DAILY which have helped me with my business, and personal life, and everyday needs. Everything from shopping apps, to how I edit my photos, I’ve included it all! These are only a few of the ones I find myself using everyday, but if you’re interested in more recommendations, just let me know!




Favorite Phone Apps


12 Favorite Phone Apps




Walmart is definitely one app I use weekly. It is free on the App Store and their drive up service is free for everyone. I absolutely love their service and how convenient it is. It has seriously been such a life saver and has saved me many trips inside the store. We signed up for Walmart+ and love using it to get our groceries delivered. You can also choose the drive up option if you’d like to pick them up yourself as well!

All you have to do is choose your preferred store, and choose a time and date that works best for you and all you have to do is pick them up. It’s such an amazing service! If you’re interested, I go more in detail about Walmart+ and their service in this post and share all the reasons we love it! I usually add things to my cart throughout the week as I remember them so I never forget anything on my list. The best thing about it is, if I ever do forget anything, I can always get it delivered to my home within a few short hours!



We discovered this app through our friends who shared the best app for getting the best deals for travel. It is free on the App Store and so easy to use. It shows you all the best deals for hotels, flights, car rentals and even shows you the best recommendations for places to explore on your trip. You can book your entire trip with this single app and there are no added fees. Watch this reel our friends made for more info about this app!

3 // VENMO

Venmo is a free app on the App Store that makes it fast and easy to send money and receive money in a quick and safe manner. I use this several times a week, and it is so convenient and easy. I’m always so shocked when I find out some people don’t have a Venmo! You can also shop with the Venmo debit card as well if you choose and link your bank account to easily transfer money to and from your accounts. You can pay in store, or in apps too and it will also send you push notifications to alert you when you have received money. There are so many features and options on the app that will make your life easier.


4 // PLANN

I use the plann app to strategically plan out all of my content for Instagram. It really helps achieve an overall cohesive look to your feed, and helps you see how everything will look on your feed before you post it. This app includes a feature where you can schedule and auto post to your instagram feed through the app as well as plan and schedule your first comment too.

It gives you your analytics for the best times to post, strategies that come directly from experts that help you learn what to post and more! They have a business account option as well which gives you access to even more features for all your social media needs. It is completely free to download through the App Store and free to use with the free version. Easily a favorite phone apps.



I’ve shared this a lot before, but this is the easiest app I have found to help to create multiple grocery lists. I keep it right on my Home Screen where it is easily accessible as I use this almost daily. The best part is that it can all be created through any amazon echo products. Simply just tell “Alexa” what you would like added to your shopping list and it will add it for you. You can even be specific to what list you want it added to as well. I keep a Costco, trader joe’s, target, and regular grocery store list on mine to help keep everything organized and make things easier.



This app is one of my favorites as it is great for creating simple graphics for stories, or a quick simple collage. It has so many cute templates that are all simple, and chic and are so easy to use. All you have to do is add in the photos you wish to use and download the photo onto your phone. There are a lot of great templates on the app that are free to use with the free version. However, they also offer an Unfold+ version which gives you access to over 100+ story templates, fonts, early access to collections and designs for a yearly fee of $19.99 or a monthly fee of $2.99. It is free to download and is available on both google play store and apple App Store.


Favorite Phone Apps for work and organization

7 // CANVA

This app is literally the best, and a favorite phone apps for me! It’s user friendly, way to create templates, collages or graphics. The possibilities are endless! You can create ads, invitations, logos, posters, etc. I use this app for both my business and personal needs all the time! In the past, I have used this to create birthday invitations for our kid’s birthdays and they have come out so cute and just the way I want them. Any collage you see me share here or on my Instagram are created in Canva. The app is free to download and also free to use. There are so many different things you can use this for, and it has so many different fonts, pictures, and graphics you can use for free. I absolutely love it, and it is definitely great to have for both business and personal needs.


8 // LIFE360

Life360 is a mobile app that helps protect and connect with your family from your phone. It is the best app for checking in on family while traveling and helps give you peace of mind knowing where they are. We also use this app when we know Brandon or myself can’t answer the phone right away. With just a simple check in on the app, it lets us know if they are close to home or not and if they are okay. It usually gives me a general idea when to start dinner without having to disturb Brandon during meetings or appointments with customers.

It can also be a great useful app for kids who have teenagers and want to check in on them to know they are safe. There are a ton of other features including getting help in a car crash, checking location history, and sending an SOS silent alert with location to emergency contacts, family and first responders and dispatch.



Google Calendar is the best way we keep everything organized here in our home. I love that I can invite Brandon to join several of the events so we both get push notifications which alert us so we never miss or forget anything. It is super helpful for creating and managing tasks, adding events, and planning. You can basically plan your entire week right from your mobile device. It is so helpful and helps us stay on track through our busy lives. The Google Calendar app is free to download and use on both the google play store and the apple App Store. The most practical and favorite phone apps!


10 // TEZZA

I often get asked how I edit my photos on Instagram, so i’m here to share my secret! This is the only app I use to edit all my photos. Really! I usually add a subtle filter than adjust the photos brightness, shadows, etc. It is such a great editing app for both photo and video, and it has so many things you can do on the app! The app includes various filters, effects, and templates to create collages and graphics as well. There is a free version as well as a paid version that gives you access to everything on the app!



The peloton app is another one I use daily for my workouts. I love using the app to continue my workout after I get off the bike as they have amazing strength and stretching classes I love. It is so easy to use, and the classes and instructors and phenomenal. They also have running, outdoor workouts, cycling, yoga, and more!   You also don’t need a peloton to use the app! For only $12.99/month you can get access to all of these classes and workouts! The app is free to download on both the Google play store and the apple App Store. You can see a post about our Peloton Review HERE


12 // INSHOT

This Inshot app is the only app I use to edit all of my IGTV videos and reels. Talk about a favorite phone apps for sure! It is super easy and user friendly to use, and it is easy to cut, trim, and add text videos. You can also add music on the app, and edit your videos to your liking with just this app. It is completely free to use and download. It’s truly one of the best apps I’ve found that get the job done quickly and easy



Favorite Phone Apps for work

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  1. Laura Leigh
    April 7, 2021 / 1:10 pm

    checking out plann – it sounds amazing! I use tailwind and snug right now but those sounds amazing having it all in one and like there may be more/better insights – thank you for sharing!

    xo Laura Leigh

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