Happy long weekend friends!
I actually had forgotten it was an extra long weekend, it truly snuck up on me that is for sure. I feel like until you have kids in school. All holidays just happen without you being aware! 

Today I wanted to share more cute denim jackets. I know! But, I had received tons of questions about the one I can’t stop wearing here, and how I style it. So today I wanted to recap a few other cute denim jackets I have had my eye on.

I believe I own at least 5 or 6 denim jackets. Brandon makes fun of me often. I love wearing them with dresses and sneakers, black jeans, and leggings. The tip to wearing a denim jacket with blue jeans is picking different hues of blue. So either a dark jacket and light jeans or a light jacket paired with dark jeans. I try to add a pop of color, or keep it simple with a white top. Wearing a belt helps break up the denim on denim look too. Another huge tip is wearing printed, or striped pants, leaving denim jeans out of the equation. 

I will share a few looks of how I have styled my cute denim jackets here: 

Oversized jacket with black skinny jeans 

Short Sleeve denim with dress – also another Short sleeve denim 

Midi Dress with Jacket – Probably my most worn jacket too 

Embellished Jacket with Jumpsuit 

Jacket with graphic tee and Striped pants 

Distressed Jacket with Wide Leg pants 

Jacket with Pumps – you can seriously dress denim jackets up or down!

All black look 

CUTE DENIM JACKETS featured by top US fashion blog, Navy Grace


Oversized Denim Jacket

Wearing Here – I have not stopped wearing this jacket. It has become a new staple this winter. 

Denim and Sherpa Jacket

I am loving this mixed combo. 

Levi’s Trucker Baggy Jacket

Another great fit 

Vintage Wrangler Jacket

Loving the lighter denim with this one 

Free People Cream Jacket

A different take on a blue denim. Such a fun switch up with a cream. 

Black Oversized Jacket

A black denim is always a good idea too 

Shop my Top 5 Cute Denim Jackets:



Tommy Jeans Flag Tee – I love a good tommy jeans tee tucked into high waisted jeans 

Floral Tunic Dress – Such fun shape and loving the ruffles detail 

Detailed Sleeve Top – A pretty feminine top. Comes in two colors!

Winter Kimono – I am a sucker for winter kimonos, I love wearing them out, since I don’t always need an actual coat, around the house. Wherever!

White Textured Tunic – A good maternity – non maternity shirt. I love a good white button down with a growing bump. 

Striped Seashore Pants – Comes in cream and blue. I personally love the cream, for a monochromatic look you could create. 

Primary Pom Sweater – I can’t get over how cute this sweater is!



Mock Neck Sweater – I honestly can’t decide which color I like better, this rust or the black. Either way, I need one of them. 

Riverside Tunic – I remember wearing tunics often while pregnant with Edison. I am loving this bright orange color!

Goes with Everything Skirt – A good neutral, solid midi skirt is a must for Spring and Summer. Loving all the color choices 

Almond Midi Dress – Absolutely Gorgeous! Loving the Almond color and the black. 

Schultz Gold Mule – I can’t decide if I like the gold or the white color better! Both so so good 



Zella Workout Tank – I got this a couple weeks ago in black and went back this week to get it in white. I love the fit and the quality of the tank. 

Straw Hat – I had seen this exact hat on the Brixton website, and it has been out of stock. I randomly checked Nordstrom and they had only one left, in my size! XS of course! Hoping it works good, can’t wait for it to come!

Pearl Sandals – It may be a little early to buy sandals. But I remember wanting these last year. I know I will be wanting and needing simple, easy to put on sandals this spring and summer with a large belly, or baby and toddler in tow. 

Stance Socks – It was time for me to get a few new socks. These are hands down my favorite brand to wear. 

Leopard Silk Top – Saw this and knew I needed it! 



My New Baby Book – It’s finally time I share the news a little more with Edison about the baby. I have been waiting for me to start showing, that way he begins to understand. Hoping this book will help 

Wooden Play Food – Finally got Edison some play food for his play kitchen. Adored this all wood collection 

Wild Animal Track Suit – Top + Bottoms – I shared about this a couple weeks ago and finally got it for little bud. So cute in person!

Black Velcro Sandals – Sharing these again before they sell out. These are our favorite sandals for Spring and Summer. They are 20% off right now! I got Edison a size 8 for reference! 

Pack of 3 Tee’s – Such a good price, and love all these colors 



Terra-cotta Planter – Want and NEED this for the home! 

Brass Wall Hanging – I have been eyeing this fun wall hanging. So gorgeous 

Cement Plant Stand – Also loving this fun option too for a planter 

22×22 Pillow Insert – Also got another one in a 16×28 size! For this pillow cover here + this one that is only $6!

Metal Baskets – Loving these! 

Small Terracotta Faux Plant – Got this for $14 this week! 

Pink Plant Pot – I got lots of questions about this pot I have in my kitchen and forgot to share. So here it is now!


CUTE DENIM JACKETS featured by top US fashion blog, Navy Grace

CUTE DENIM JACKETS featured by top US fashion blog, Navy Grace


xo, Camilla

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