Can you believe that Father’s Day is only one week away? I feel like June just started and here we are already half way through the month with Father’s day approaching so soon. Father’s Day is such a special day for a lot of people around the world. It is a day to make the father’s in your life feel special, loved, and appreciated for all their hard work, and all that they do. With that being said, I know some men can be difficult to shop for.. trust me, I struggle sometimes too! So, Today I wanted to share a few FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS for the special father, father like figure or spouse in your life.

I generally brainstorm a few ideas in my head of gifts I feel Brandon would love and enjoy, but I also compiled a few of his personal favorite items that he already has and loves. Whether you’re shopping for the sporty dad, the dad who loves to cook, or the dad who loves to workout, there’s something in here for everyone to love! I even included a personal gift idea that would make for the perfect gift from the kids for father’s day. We did it last year, and I can’t wait to do it again this year.


fathers day gift ideas

fathers day gift ideas






fathers day gift ideas



1 // Traeger Outdoor Grill

You can’t go wrong with gifting someone a grill for Father’s Day! Whether it’s your father, father in law, or husband, they’ll be sure to love this gift! It is designed to bake, grill, smoke, raise, braise and barbecue, which is amazing! This is a great option, and it is currently on sale. Go in on it together with your siblings if you are looking to save money!


2 // Tradewind Performance Tee

Another great option you can’t go wrong with is athletic wear for men, such as this performance tee by vuori. Brandon loves this brand and thinks the quality is amazing, and it is! He wears it for working out but also loves to wear it casually when out and about. He owns this tee in about 4 colors.


3 // Massage Gun

This massage gun would be great for the men in your life who are into sports, working out, or even have manual labor jobs. It is so great for muscle deep relaxation and really getting deep into the tissue/muscles that are aching. It includes 6 different massage heads, with 20 different adjustable speed levels, and it is currently on major sale!


4 // Outdoor Folding Rocking Chair

This outdoor folding rocking chair is a great gift idea for the dad who loves to be outdoors. It easily folds up for easy storage or transportation, and has a built in beverage holder. This is Brandon’s go to for a day out racing his cars.


5 // Athletic Shorts

These athletic shorts are some of Brandon’s favorites, he loves the quality and says they’re super comfortable for both working out and wearing casually. They come in several different colors that everyone will love, and they’re under $100.


6 // Nike Air Max 270’s

New shoes are also another item you can never go wrong with for Father’s Day. Everyone loves a new pair of shoes, and will appreciate them. I love the look of these air max 270’s, they’re super comfortable and they come in tons of different color ways.


7 // Apple Watch Band

This is a perfect gift for the dad in your life who you don’t know what to gift to them. It is a simple, and useful gift, and there are different color options for everyone. I think I need to order myself one. I love how seamless it is.


8 // Yeti Colster Can Insulator

This Yeti colster can insulator is another great option for the dad who loves to be outdoors. It will keep their beverage cooler for longer, especially through warmer weather. It is durable, doesn’t sweat, and they’ll definitely get a great use out of it this summer!


9 // Men’s Rubber Wedding Ring

I love this gift idea for dad’s who enjoy lifting, climbing, or partake in other extreme duties whether it be at work, or other physical activities. This wedding band made of silicone is a great option for them to wear in place of their wedding ring to avoid getting their actual ring damaged. It comes in different color options, and is under $10.


10 // Lululemon Men’s Backpack

This Lululemon backpack is great quality, and is designed for men on the move. It is great for traveling, work, school, etc. It is very roomy, has several different compartment areas to keep things organized, and is designed with a lower lumbar curve to keep their back supported and comfortable.


11 // Resistance Band Set

This one is for the busy dad who loves to work out! These resistance bands can be used anywhere and are great for a quick workout. They are also great for mobility training, or physical therapy. They come in 4 different resistance levels, and are under $50.


12 // Air Fryer

Love this option for the dad who loves to cook! Air fryers are seriously the best thing ever, and are so easy to use! We love using ours, they’re super quick, and are useful for healthier options.


13 // Car Care Kit

A car care kit is another great option you can’t go wrong with. I think every man ever loves their car, and takes pride in taking care of it. This car care kit comes with a variety of products that will help clean, shine, protect any vehicle. It is under $50 and would make a great gift.

14 // Men’s Sun Hat

This sun hat for men is going to come in very handy this summer! It is versatile enough to wear with anything, serves as great sun protection, and it would look great on anyone!


15 // Koda Pizza Oven Bundle

This pizza oven would be a great gift idea for any dad in your life, especially pizza lovers! It is ideal for cooking flatbreads, calzones, pizza, and naan bread. It cooks authentic wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds. Everyone will love this!

16// Personal Video of Your Kids

Not linked! But this is the best gift to give grandparents or the kids dad! I plan on doing this again for Brandon. You can film your kids answering cute questions like; how old is dad? What are dad’s favorite hobbies? What do you love most about dad? etc.  I use the app InShot to edit all of the video clips. I start the video by having Edison say his name and age and then edit the cute questions and answers in. The best Father’s Day Gifts





Father's Day Gifts | Father's Day Gift Ideas by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Navy Grace: image of a dad sitting in a field and holding his young son and daughter in his lap.

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1// Face On It Socks
2// Mission Belt
3// Cinemood
4// Cole Haan Shoes
5// Nike Air Max Shoes
6// Yeti Hooper Flip 8 Cooler
7// Apple Watch Band 
8// Apple Watch and AirPods Charing Dock 
9// Stance No-Show Socks 
10//  Stance Tall Socks 
11// AirPods Pros 
12// Car Detailing Kit 
13// Traeger Grill and Smoker 
14// Yeti Can Colster 
15// Adjustable Dumbbells 
16// Patagonia Duffle Bag 
17// Lululemon Shorts





father with her two kids with sharing FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS

What are some of your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas?  Let me know in a comment below!

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