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With the warm weather finally here in San Diego we can get back outside to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities as a family. Many of those activities are strolling along the beach, boardwalks, farmers markets, car shows, stumbling upon a new little beach town. All of these family outings are outdoors and we love that we can look chic all while feeling comfortable in our new matching Timberland Fly Roam Go sneakers found at Zappos.

Camilla’s Look: Timberland Go Fly Chukka Roam sneakers | peach top: Urban Outfitters  |  denim: Levi’s

Brandon’s Look: Timberland Go Fly Roam sneakers  |

Edison’s Look: Timberland Adventure Seeker Sandal  |


Not only are these Timberland colors so perfect for ladies and perfect for your men, they are also perfect colors for this time of year.
We are all about shoes that are comfortable. So, when I know I will be outdoors the entire day with my family I always tend to wear a sneaker. That way I am up for whatever our spontaneous day brings at us. I love that the sky is the limit as to what we can do here in San Diego.

I mentioned this a little bit ago on my stories that I am a huge fan of Zappos. For so many reasons but two of my biggest is free and FAST shipping! I kid you not, when ordering these shoes I ordered them 3 pm on a Thursday. They were at my house 9 am on Friday. Not even 24 hours people, now that is good customer service! Plus it was free shipping too. The second reason I love Zappos is they store your information better than any other ecommerce website.

Of course you have to create an account with them, but that’s the easy part. I love that when I have a gift card they will store my information until the dollar amount is $0. I don’t ever have to worry about keeping track of how much money is left on my gift card or even keep track of the gift card number. (because how many times have you misplaced a gift card, sadly too often for me)


xo, Camilla





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  1. April 26, 2018 / 12:34 am

    I love Timberland shoes, they’ve always been so comfy and of a great quality! I love your little family, those photos are so sweet!

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