I love going to Fashion Week because it is so fun to see what is going to be the up and coming hot items for Spring. But I also love seeing what is the new and ‘it’ color, patterns, bags and basically everything fashion for the new and upcoming season. Here are 10 trends that I saw and loved for myself. I have found several items that are similar and in all price ranges. 

If you are confused.. go red!! Red was everywhere in New York. Especially in accessories in boots and handbags. But a lot of people were wearing red head to toe in a monochromatic look. I have wore these red booties at Fashion Week and got so many compliments on them. 

I’m obviously all for this trend. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen my bright yellow suit wear (see here) It was a very hot commodity for many influencers. I saw everything from bright colors, to fun patterns and funky designs. A lot of people were sticking with the matching suit trend and I know I will be on the look out for more that I will love this fall. 

Velvet sure made it’s come back last year, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Not only is it sticking around, it is also getting better and better. I am so loving this gorgeous blue dress, this cross body handbag and this simple belt. Something that I have noticed more with velvet is it can be more subtle this year with hints of velvet like this blazer here. By adding some velvet texture to any outfit creates such a soft feminine facade. 

Another ‘It’ color of the season and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I feel that yellow is a color that really matches my skin tone and I can pull off well. And I don’t mean to say that to be bigheaded, but I have always found I get the most compliments when wearing yellow. I do feel that most people can wear this shade of yellow. It’s warmth is great on olive skin tones. I also wore these shoes during Fashion Week. Plus I feel like I need this jumpsuit in my life! 

Yes, Plaid has been around for quite some time, but this season they are taking plaid with a new approach. We are straying away from the typical plaid flannel button down shirts that people wear both as a blouse and around their waist. Instead, try something like this skirt for a more feminine look, or this simple small printed plaid like this top. I would even suggest mixing plaid on plaid. A small pattern paired with a larger print! I love this trend. 

Give me all the pearl embellished anything! I wore this fun pair for myfirst day of NYFW and I became more and more obsessed with anything that had pearls. If these jeans are a little bit too much, maybe try this pair here. Not only is pearls a big thing, anything embroidered is huge right now too!

We saw these last year as well, but they are out in full force this year and I love them, especially the kitten heel style. Easy to walk in, and more comfortable. Be on the watch for even more fun colors and patterns coming in this Sock Style bootie 

Until now, white was sort of seen as cheap and something people strayed away from. That is until now. Of course we can throw out all the rules out the window when it comes to “no white after Labor Day” because I am saying wear all the white!!! You will be seeing a lot more white in accessories like shoes and handbags. I have this Gucci bag and I have been loving it! 

Just like the embellished clothing, handbags are doing it right! More embellishments the better!!!

This mauve/blush trend started in Spring and it isn’t leaving us any time soon. Which I am so thankful for. This color is absolutely stunning. For a long time I could say that I didn’t own anything pink in my closet. That is SO NOT the case anymore. I have loaded up on lots of clothing and accessories in this shade of pink. These peep toe booties are amazing, aren’t’ they?

I hope you find something you love and would be willing to give a try out of these 10 fashion trends that are happening this Fall. 
A few other things that I saw lots in Fashion Week was a lot of fur, and faux fur. Monochromatic looks, from shoes, handbags, and everything matching in one color hue. Last but not least, the typical skinny jean has shifted to a more straight leg and a more flood style where the hem is cropped right at the ankle. Even for us tall girls. I love this trend as it elongates your leg. A good way to start to transition into this style of denim is by wearing the new sock bootie. 

xo, Camilla 

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