With Fall here and Halloween around the corner, I have been looking for some fun fall activities. Especially activities that I can do with Edison and at home! I love doing DIY crafting with Lucy and Edison during this time of year (and really we don’t stop until January). It’s not only a great way to keep them busy and entertained, but it’s also great for them to use their imagination and create fun memories! Plus, their artwork and decorations are fun things I can look back on one day and enjoy.

So, today I am sharing a few different FALL CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS you can do at home with the help of Walmart. Walmart Home has the best selection of fall crafts and activities that kids will love and enjoy at some great unbeatable prices! So, make sure to check out Walmart Home’s selection for all their different crafts and activities you can do with your kids as well! They even have some cute home decor as well. 😉


Let me know what your favorite fall activities you love doing with your kids in the comments below!


Walmart Holiday Kids Crafts with their mom two kids playing with Walmart Holiday Kids Crafts


Painting and coloring is such an easy go-to activity for kids that they’ll be sure to love. You can print some fall coloring pages on google and have them color those, or have them paint fun and silly faces onto pumpkins. We have very similar paint sticks that are great and mess-free and can be used to draw on paper, wood, and other surfaces. I also loved this cute paint by number painting kit, and found these Jumbo Crayons that can be used for face painting. I picked these up as they might come in handy for halloween, but thought the kids would have so much fun with them as well!



Decorating pumpkins-a classic fall activity! Although, I know a lot of people aren’t huge fans of pumpkin carving, I am one of them!  There are so many other ways you still have fun with pumpkins for fall. I found this fun pumpkin decorating kit that comes with 20 assorted stickers you can use to create silly/scary faces. Seriously a major Walmart win!!! You can also use acrylic paint to paint and decorate your pumpkins as well! Either way, whether you choose to carve, paint, or use stickers, kids will definitely enjoy this activity!




You guys will not believe all the cute craft kits I found available for Fall and Halloween! How cute is this monster craft kit that comes with all the supplies you need to create your own personalized monster. I also saw this other monster making kit which you can create your own monster creature from foam paper. There is also this cute fairy tale craft kit that includes everything you’ll possibly need to make fairy take characters and even comes with step by step instructions as well!




Another great fall activity to do with kids is bead work! There is so much you can do with beads like creating fun necklaces and bracelets. Even creating fall/halloween designs using beads, paper and glue, the possibilities are endless! Another fun idea is using kits like this one to create your kids favorite characters. They have so many different options available that are similar to this one too.



child holding a fall crafts and activities for kids




kid holding a painted robot toy




children wearing wristbands children and their mother at the kitchen


A special thanks to Walmart and LTK for sponsoring this post


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