To everyone’s surprise, I didn’t do a whole lot of amazon shopping for the month of June. Between planning Lucy’s 2nd birthday, celebrating her birthday, having family over, and celebrating Father’s Day, it just turned out to be such a busy month! However, I still did order a few things, so today I am sharing EVERYTHING I ORDERED ON AMAZON IN JUNE. A lot of these ended up being restocks of some of my favorite items I use regularly, but I also bought several gifts that are perfect for kids of all ages. I did also end up finding a really great comforter and cover set that both have amazing reviews, and would recommend if you’re in the market for one!

Are there any Amazon favorites you’re currently loving? Share them in the comments below! 😊


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a collage of items I order in amazon in June



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1 // Star Night Light

Bought this as a gift, it’s a cute little night light that projects stars in several different colors. It’s so fun and cute, and it also has an option to use as a solid colored night light if you don’t want to use the stars.


2 // Portable Cell Phone Stand

Had to order this after seeing it from The Buy Guide! This portable cell phone stand ended up coming in very handy. You can use it to prop your phone up on your desk while you work, or your vanity while you do your makeup. It can be used for phones or tablets, and it is small and compact so you can easily carry it with you anywhere.


3 // St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

Had to restock on my favorite self tanner, I’ve been using this one for some time now and I love it. It’s the only one that I’ve found I really love and have never had any issues with it. I love the finished results and it is so simple and easy to use.


4 // Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars

I also got these as a gift, they’re glow in the dark stars that you can easily stick onto the ceiling, and it serves as a little bit of a night light. They’re so cute and fun for kids, and they’re under $10.


5 // Mini Waffle Maker

This mini waffle maker is such a cool and easy way to cook your favorite breakfast foods. You can cook waffles, or you can even try cooking eggs in it as well. I’m giving this one as a gift, but I own one and love mine!


6 // Responsibility Chart

How cute and fun is this responsibility chart for the kids?! It is magnetic and comes with 90 magnets featuring behaviors and rewards. This is such a fun way to start little kids off with chores and teaching them a little responsibility.


7 // Duvet Cover Set

We needed to get a new comforter and cover set, and found this cover set on amazon for under $100 with really amazing reviews. It comes in several different color options, and it is a linen material which is really soft and breathable.


8 // PBFit Peanut Butter Powder

Also had to restock on my favorite peanut butter powder. I use this for several different things daily, and the kids and I love it. It’s a healthier, macro friendly peanut butter, and it tastes soooo good!


9 // Graphic Tee

This Los Angeles graphic tee is so cute for casual wear, or even for lounging around the house. It is really great quality, and it comes in a ton of different colors. It is a little bit of an oversized fit, so keep that in mind when choosing to size up/down.


10 // Back Seat Baby Mirror

Got this back seat baby mirror to keep an eye on Lucy while in the car, and it has come in super handy. It is so great for long road trips, or even just for riding around in the car for quick errands.  It is very affordable and super easy to install, I highly recommend it!


11 // Magic Clay Kit

This molding clay kit is such a cute and fun activity to do with kids of all ages. It comes with 3 tools, and several little animal accessories as well as unused containers you can use to store your unused clay in.


12 // Down Comforter

This is the comforter I ended up going with, it is a down comforter and it is super comfortable and fluffy. It had incredible reviews on amazon, and it is under $100. (And currently on major sale!)


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  1. Laura Leigh
    July 6, 2021 / 8:10 am

    always with the best amazon finds! loving that graphic tee and waffle maker!

    xo Laura Leigh

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