It’s that time of month again, and no, I’m not talking about “that” time of month. I’m talking about my monthly amazon orders! I’m not sure how it is already April, I feel like march definitely flew by! As always, I placed quite a few orders on amazon this month. It consisted of a lot of fun toys and activities for Edison and Lucy, (thanks to Easter) As well as a few things that turned out to be a total game changer. So, today I am sharing EVERYTHING I ORDERED FROM AMAZON IN MARCH. 

I had so many great finds this month, a lot of which ended up being for the kids, but they seemed to love them so that’s always a win! I also ordered a few things around the house as well as some body care necessities and a workout tank I’m loving. These were all super affordable finds and I can’t wait to share them with you!




amazon march favorites

amazon march orders




brown wide leg denim outfit




1 // Clear Zipper Pouches

I recently purchased these zipper pouches to help with keeping things organized. I’m currently using these for my totes, and  handbags. I use them to hold Lucy’s hair ties, crayons, and other small things. I got these in the smallest size they have, but they are also available in medium and large as well. They are really great quality, and are under $15.

2 // Minnie Mouse Stuck on Stories Book

I bought this Minnie Mouse Book for Lucy and just gave it to her for Easter. It has little suction characters that bring the stories to life. She has so much fun completing the games as we read the stories, and it is a great way to use her imagination.


3 // Cropped Workout Tank

I’m super excited about this workout tank I ordered this month.  I just got it in the mail and will report back soon. It seems to be very breathable to wear during my workouts and super cute. The back of the shirt is a mesh material, and it is a cropped fit. I got this in the white color but it comes in several different colors and it is under $20.


4 // Elmo Look & Find Activity Book

I also got this Elmo activity book for Lucy which she has also been enjoying. It helps little ones learn and discover concepts like shapes, counting, making comparisons, and matching. It has tons of activities that make it fun and educational and it is under $10!


5 // Stroller Cup Holder

This is seriously the best purchase I made this month. I stalked down a group of moms at the zoo earlier this month because I saw they had this and thought I needed it too! I love that this drink holder also has a spot to hold your phone. Major game changer. It is very universal and will fit on almost any stroller, bike, etc.


6 // Exfoliating Loofa 

Bought these exfoliating loofas to use in the shower and they are great! They come in a pack of 2 for $5, and get the job done. My skin always feels so smooth and soft after using them. Definitely recommend you add this to your shower routine!


7 // Babyproof Cabinet Locks

We have officially reached that age where I think I need to babyproof anything and everything Lucy could possibly get into. So, I bought these baby proof cabinet locks to that are simple to install, but not easy for kids to get through! They come in a pack of 12 for under $10 and they are easy to use.


8 // Wedela Skinfood Cream

We bought this a few months ago to try out on Lucy’s eczema, and after using it for a couple of months it has definitely helped! We hadn’t found too many products that helped with her eczema but this seemed to be hydrating enough to help. We’ve been loving it and it is under $20 and super affordable.


9 // Night Lights

These night lights turned out to be super helpful and we’ve been using them around the house. Stocked up on a few more this month. They are great to use in kids rooms, kitchens, hallways or stairways. You can adjust the brightness to your liking, and they automatically turn on and off during the daytime and night time. This pack of 2 is super affordable and just under $15!


10 // Soccer Ball

We bought this soccer ball for Edison as an Easter gift since he recently started to play soccer on a team. He was so excited about it!


11 // Colorful Hair Ties

These colorful hair ties come in so many cute and fun colors to match with outfits and the quality of them are great! I got them to put in Lucy’s hair. These don’t tug on their hair and aren’t too rough either. They have great elasticity and always revert back to their shape. You also get 100 pieces for $5, you definitely can’t beat that!


12 // Beauty Sponges

You’ve probably already seen these beauty sponges around, and that’s because the hype is definitely real! The quality of these is amazing and definitely compares to the original beauty blender. You can use these for foundation, bb creams, powders, etc. They are only $8.99 for 5 pieces, and are so incredibly good!


13 // Puzzles Sets

I always love buying Lucy new puzzles because they are seriously her favorite and she seems to love them! I love getting some educational puzzles like these that will keep her entertained but we can also learn things while playing. This set of 3 includes and Alphabetical puzzle, a number puzzle and colored fishes.


14 // Assorted Hair Bows

These assorted hair bows were too cute, I couldn’t resist buying them. They come in a set of 16 for under $20 and they are currently on sale too! They are perfect for little girls and don’t fall off easily.


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