Being pregnant can be so hard at times, but also such a beautiful, amazing thing. Add in a roller coaster of emotions and lack of energy and you are wondering how you are going to last a total of 9 months! Trust me, we have all had this thought at one point in our pregnancy. Luckily for me my third time being pregnant means that I know there are so many things that can help make pregnancy easier, more comfortable, and help the annoying nausea during the first trimester.

Today I wanted to share EVERYTHING I HAVE LOVED THIS PREGNANCY. It may only be a list of seven items, but I haven’t find the need to go out and buy anything and everything to feel comfortable, just to put it in a storage box in a couple months. Sticking with basics that you can use now and later are things that I prefer to use while pregnant.

I am now 29 weeks in this pregnancy and really starting to “feel” pregnant. Starting to feel more uncomfortable and overall just feeling really big! My belly seems like it is now getting in my way, or so I feel like it is. I still can’t believe I have 11 weeks to go and keep growing. I plan on living in these Lululemon Super high rise leggings the next few months 🙂


Pregnancy Must Haves


Pregnancy Must Haves




Bio Oil 

I have used Bio Oil every one of my three pregnancies and do feel like it truly helps to prevent stretch marks. Although I do believe that most of it from genetics, and I am lucky enough to not deal with hardly any stretch marks. But even with good genes, I think applying an oil to help soften the skin while it stretches is so important. At least it doesn’t hurt to try!


Ritual Prenatal Essential Vitamins 

I started using Ritual prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant with Lucy. I’ve loved the brand so much that after having her, I switched to their Women’s Multivitamin for the last couple of years. Now that I am pregnant again, I switched back to the prenatal essential vitamins. They have a lemon flavor and do not leave any bad aftertaste or cause any nausea.


Like A Cloud Bra 

I’ve talked about this bra from Lululemon before, but it has remained to be my most worn bra/sports bra this pregnancy. When it comes to sports bras I usually prefer the longline style. But being pregnant I found that they would roll or bunch and start to feel uncomfortable. This bra style is so soft, stretchy and perfect to wear with oversized sweatshirts or everyday wear as well as working out. I sized up in this bra one size. I could easily do 2 since my breasts have grown this pregnancy.


Nausea Relief Acupuncture Bands 

Although I am not currently using these, I found these to be SO helpful during the first trimester. The moment I would feel any nausea kick in I would immediately put these bands on my wrists and it would actually help give some relief. It made it more manageable and able to carry on as a busy mom of two children already


Stanley 40 oz Water Tumbler 

I have had a Stanley water tumbler for over a year now, but I have appreciated it so much more this pregnancy. Having ice cold water at all times is exactly what my body craves. The handle makes it so easy to carry around the house and out to the car.


Lululemon Align Super High Rise Leggings 

Take your traditional, well-loved align leggings and add an extra inch or two to the waist band.  It may not seem like much, but it truly is a pregnant girls dream. The difference it makes is amazing, they are even more comfortable and give just a little more coverage and support to your tummy. I stick with my true size and wear a size 4. If you are on the fence, I have had some readers let me know they purchases the super high rise leggings during pregnancy and they still love them being postpartum.


Knee Pillow

Of course we have all heard of the famous pregnancy pillows out there, but for me, I have yet to buy one. Maybe I am truly missing out. But I haven’t ever purchased because I honestly don’t want to have to store it. Another reason I haven’t purchased is because I don’t love that you use the pregnancy pillow for your head as well as your stomach and knees. I prefer to sleep with my pillow so a knee pillow is all I need. I used to sleep with just a smaller lumbar accent pillow. But after traveling and being in a hotel for a week and having a full sized pillow, I knew it was time to order this one. It made such a difference in how well I slept with a larger pillow to fit my knees as well as my feet.



Pregnancy Must Haves


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Pregnancy Must Haves





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