As many of you all know, we recently just got back from our Disney trip this yesterday, and I’m already missing it! We took the kids to Disney World and it was seriously so much fun. It had been such a long time since we had any Disney experience and we truly missed it. This was the last time we went and I wrote a post about Disneyland — see it HERE. This last month was so busy with so many things going on, as well as getting everything ready for our Disney trip. Thanks to Amazon prime, I wasn’t running around everywhere getting last minute things this time (thank you 2-day shipping!). So, with that being said, today I am sharing EVERYTHING I BOUGHT FROM AMAZON IN APRIL. 

This month’s amazon purchases consisted of a ton of traveling must haves for our trip and they are all Disney world/traveling appropriate. So, if you have a trip coming up, or will be traveling anywhere soon, this one’s for you! Also, If you all saw my laundry stain dilemma over on instagram stories, I ended up ordering a few products you all recommended so stay tuned for that. 😉

You’ll be sure to spot several of our amazon favorites from this month in all these images! Real tried and true favorites.


amazon April favorites

amazon April favorites






Navy Grace at Disney World



1 // Car Seat Bag

If you’ve ever tried to travel with a car seat across the airport, you probably know how big of a hassle it is. This time around, I decided to look for some easier ways to travel with Lucy’s car seat and found this amazing car seat bag from amazon for just under $30! It has backpack straps which help keep your hands free, and the straps are thick. Unfortunately this was the ONLY item that didn’t arrive in time, so we didn’t get to use it. However, I know it will be used in our near future.


2 // Black Face Masks

These disposable face masks are so good and are a great option to use during this pandemic. It’s a 5 layer face mask, are comfortable to wear and they’re currently on sale! In my opinion make it easier to hear when you are talking because it isn’t resting right on your face. They also make it easier to breathe for the same reason.


3 // De-Solv-It Laundry Saver

If you happened to see my laundry dilemma on Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago, you probably saw I was asking for help on getting some stains off some of Edison’s clothing. A lot of you recommended this laundry saver, so I immediately ordered it! I haven’t gotten to test it out completely yet, but I will definitely keep you guys updated on how this works!


4 // Phone Case Lanyard

This phone case lanyard was one of my best purchases for our trip to Disney! Even though my friend and Brandon made fun of me for it, I loved it! It is very sturdy, protective, and I loved having easy accessibility to my phone throughout the day. This case was under $15 and comes in a cute clear daisy print case as well. Thanks to the girls from @thebuyguide who recommended it.


5 // Folex Spot Remover

With the stomach bug that hit our house earlier this month, we had lots and lots of cleaning to do, especially in the carpet. Folex to the rescue. I have been using it the last year and love it. Gets out all stains that we have had on couches, cushions and carpet.


6 // Oxi Clean Laundry Whitener

Ordered because I ran out. I have been using the Oxi Clean laundry whitener on all my whites loads of laundry for the past couple of years. I used to only use bleach but made this better alternative and I love how it keeps my whites nice and bright.


7 // Kids Wireless Headphones

If you’re traveling with your kids, I definitely recommend taking some headphones on the plane that they can use such as these. You can play some music or a movie to keep them entertained and it makes for a much better traveling experience for everyone. These are our favorite to use, and they come in a few different color options and are super affordable.


8 // Beach Sand Toys Set

We ordered this sand toys set for our trip to Florida as we knew we would be spending some time at the beach. Our friend Bri from Mini Voyager recommended it. The kids absolutely loved it and had so much fun, so it was for sure a great purchase!


9 // Mini Handheld Fan

This was hands down probably the best purchase I could’ve made for our Disney trip! It was so hot and humid, and this definitely came in handy throughout the day. It has a rechargeable battery, it’s easy to hold and carry and is only $10!


10 // Kid’s Ice Packs

Edison has been on a “let’s put ice one it” phase. I found these on amazon and he loves them. They are the perfect size for little owies


11 // Zinc Vitamins

Ordered these Zinc vitamins to help with my immune system and metabolism function. Zinc is a great and important nutrient for your body, and these were under $10 on amazon!


12 // Sun Bum Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizing spray is a great must have for traveling, and came in handy during our trip! It comes in a pack of 3 for under $15 and it was very easy and convenient to use and carry.


13 // Kid’s Disposable Face Masks

I bought the kids these disposable face masks for our trip to make sure we always had enough to last for our whole trip. The kids loved these and thought they were comfortable to wear, even while being out in the hot weather all day.



14 // Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Mist

As we all know, SPF is something you have to reapply throughout the day, and it is so important for your skin, so I bought this to use over my makeup throughout the day. I loved it and used it so much throughout my trip. It didn’t break me out or feel heavy, and it was super affordable.


15 // Baby Bum Sunscreen

I also bought the kids sunscreen as well, and went with this baby bum sunscreen. I love this brand, and I love how easy it is to apply. It comes in a face stick, lotion, and spray option which are all amazing.


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  1. Laura Leigh
    May 11, 2021 / 1:04 pm

    so many good finds! need that mini fan in my life come summer!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • Camilla
      May 20, 2021 / 1:07 pm

      Ha yes, Especially with the humidity you deal with!
      It was the best little find

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