​Ladies I’m here to tell you about an amazing thing happening with the fabulous Elizabeth Faye! 
Elizabeth may already seem familiar to you. Back in March (what seems like 1000 years ago) I had her style my hair 4 different ways to show you some of her amazing skills. You can see them here and here.
So you already know I am a huge fan of her and her amazing passion for hair and making everyone feel beautiful. 

Elizabeth has put so much time into making a tips, tutorials, guidelines and so much more for those of you who may struggle with your hair texture, how to style it, what products to use and basically every hair question in the book.  

All of your hair dreams have come true today, my friends!
You can now purchase the PDF (link at the bottom of this post) so you will always have the hair you dreamed of!!!

You will get step my step picture tutorials on how to create each look above. My personal favorite is the Straightening-iron curls.
It is so easy to pick up on and try on yourself or your daughter. The best part is it is so FAST!! It is my go-to look when I am in a hurry. (especially on my second day I don’t wash my hair)

​Above is an example of how the PDF will look like once you purchase it. 
I mean, did you know that you should blow dry your hair in the same direction as it will lay??? It’s those small and simple things that we may have been doing wrong for years. Elizabeth is here to help correct the small wrong things that you and I have been doing to always make sure your hair is PERFECTION.
Another tip I learned, when I took the course, was that I should be using a Bore Bristle and Wire brush if I want a straight overall look. It helps to smooth and shine the hair. The best way to use this brush while blowdrying is to apply tension to your hair. 

​Click here to purchase

​Feel free to ask my any questions

xo, Camilla



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