You guys, I am so excited to finally share with you today the experience I have had using Enza Essentials skin care products. 

I received all of these products a couple of months ago, and have loved trying something new for my daily skincare. If you are like me, my face seems to need a change up every few months or I begin to notice more blemishes, and more often. Enza Essentials contacted me at the right time, because I was already on the search for a new daily routine skin care.  Everyone over at Enza are so easy to work with, which made it so easy for them to help me choose what products best suit my face. When I received my products I was thrilled to see a folder with my day and night skin care regimen. Having descriptions of  what each products purpose was, and when and how to use it. I referred to the folder each day until I got my routine down.  

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It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I really started to care for my skin. My concern came after I spoke with an aesthetician
who told me that you need to start using good skin care products and a good wrinkle cream by the age of 20. Hearing that at the age of 20 I felt like I was in complete control of how my skin will look in feel in about 10-30 years. So I started that day, because NO ONE wants wrinkles, especially me!! I have to be especially careful what skin care I use living in a desert. They took that into consideration and gave me products that help especially with staying hydrated. People who live in desert type climates are more likely to get wrinkles sooner because you skin is practically drying up in a sense! So I envy all of you who live in the humidity! 

Depending on your skin type, Enza will put together a package with everything that will benefit your type of skin. For me, I have pretty normal skin, meaning it isn’t very oily nor dry. 
I received the Hydrating kit which includes these products.
Saturation Cleanser
Saturation Toner
Vitamin C Creme
Advanced Protection Sunscreen SPF 30
Saturation Aloe Scrub
Saturation Herbal Creme
Spot Extractor 

I am going to just expound on a few of my favorite products and why I feel it is so important to use them in your daily routine. 

  • SUNSCREEN, sunscreen, sunscreen!! YES, people this is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles at an early age. I’m glad I learned  now that having a lighter, less tan complexion and will benefit me as I age. So I am totally fine with skipping the tanning bed or being a total hot babe with dark skin in the summer! That is what make up is for! 🙂 Now, don’t get me wrong, I still lay out during the summer, but I make sure to apply sunscreen and remember to reapply. It also wouldn’t hurt to cover your face with a towel while laying out. 
  • CLEANSER –  I can not stress enough how important it is to have a good cleanser. This is so important because it washes away all of your impurities while still leaving your skin soft. I like to use mine while I am in the shower each morning. Cleansers should also be part of your nightly routine. 
  • EXFOLIATOR  –  Not only does an exfoliator leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth, It will leave you with a beautiful glowing appearance. Exfoliating your face is best done at night and only 2-3 times per week. It is so important because it gently lifts off dead skin cells without irritating your delicate skin underneath. 
  • TONER – This is so important, especially if you have dry skin, or live in a dry climate. Having a toner helps to add moisture to your skin and can be used throughout the day even on top of your makeup. But, is still best to be used before applying makeup and right after you cleanse and exfoliate. Toners are also good to help weal wounds or acne blemishes. 
  • VITAMIN C CREAM –  It is so important to have some sort of vitamin C in your daily routine. It is gentle enough on your skin that it will leave it soft and smooth. Vitamin C also helps to brighten your face and helps restore and treat blemishes.  Lastly, it helps slow down the aging process. 🙂 
  • SPOT EXTRACTOR –  This is by far my favorite product from Enza. If you are like me, who gets occasional blemishes usually once a month or more, this will become your best friend!! I use my Spot Extractor multiple times a day when I feel a blemish coming and after it has come through the surface of my skin. It really does help the redness lighten and makes the blemishes go away a day or 2 earlier than they would if you didn’t use anything.  However a good tip is to NEVER  I repeat NEVER use your fingers when popping a blemish. Use and Extractor like this one here. You will notice a huge difference in your blemishes going away quicker. 
Thanks for reading if you read ALL OF THAT!! I know it was a lot, but I really hopes this helps. And most importantly if you get anything out of this today, Do yourself a favor and go buy a Sunscreen, Cleanser, Exfoilator, Toner, Vitamin D Cream, Spot Extractor, and Extractor!! You won’t hate your early 20’s self! when you’re 50! 🙂 If you have any question please leave a comment or email me 🙂 Also, don’t forget Enza Essentials is offering 20% off your order now and through the rest of the month using the code ‘NAVYGRACE‘ at enza.com 🙂 

xo, Camilla 



  1. Kris
    January 19, 2015 / 4:23 am

    I love this post! Thank you for all the helpful information! I want to do everything I can to have the best skin possible and prevent lines and wrinkles. I’ve been hearing such great things about Enza and you look amazing! Thanks again!

  2. Camilla Thurman
    January 20, 2015 / 2:45 pm

    You are so welcome! I am so glad it was helpful!

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