With Easter right around the corner, I have already been preparing the kid’s easter baskets for this year. Especially since we are hoping to have this baby Easter Weekend, I need to prepare ahead of time. Easter is something the kids always look forward to and enjoy getting, and something I enjoy putting together for them. So, today I am sharing a few EASTER BASKET GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS. I usually like to gift them smaller items they enjoy, but also things to prep us for spring and summer. These things are usually activities, games or toys they can use outside while getting some sunshine and enjoying the weather. I also like to add some new shoes, dresses for Lucy, and suit for Edison. And no, I don’t forget the candy! ☺️

This is also a really great time to gift the kids some new swimsuits they can use for summer as well. In this gift guide, I also included some cute Easter and spring clothing for kids, as well as some cute swimwear options too. Is there something you love gifting your kids every year? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to read what you do for your kids!


easter basket gift ideas

easter basket gift ideas






You all know how much Lucy loves her dresses, and quite frankly, I love finding new cute ones to wear, so it’s something I also include at least one dress in her basket along with her other goodies. If you haven’t yet, check out Alice and Ames, it’s one of my top favorite places to shop for her, and I usually get most of her dresses from here. I just ordered this one for her, it’s so cute and only $20!



As for Edison, I always include one new suit he can wear for Easter, but also use throughout the year for church. He always looks so cute with them on! This year I got him this one to wear. I got him the blazer along with the matching pants, and it was super affordable and great quality! I also got him this dress shirt as well, and it comes with the bow tie.



During the spring and summer seasons, we spend most of our time down by the beach. It’s Edison’s and Lucy’s favorite place to be, so I also add some new swimsuits for the both of them. Most of their swimsuits are from Minnow, they always have the cutest styles, and the quality of them are so great.



The last item I like to gift are a new pair of shoes. This year, I got Lucy new salt water sandals for Easter, and Edison will be getting a new pair of sandals which we usually buy yearly for him because they’re a great inexpensive pair and he loves them. We also love crocs during the summer because they can be easily cleaned, and make for great water shoes.


kids coloring items

Egg Decorating Kit linked HERE 






kids Easter Basket gift ideas


1 // Sand Ice Cream Playset

If you live near a beach, or maybe you have a beach vacation planned, beach toys are a must. It has ice cream scoops and ice cream cones for them to play with in the sand, and enjoy their time at the beach. We have a set very similar to this one and our kids love playing with it at the beach.

2 // Plus Plus Tube

If you need another idea to use as a “filler” in their basket, this would be a great option. They are bricks that come with step by step instructions on how to build a bunny using the bricks, or they could also build any other designs they want.

3 // Spirograph Jr

This is such a fun toy for kids to get creative with. They can draw colorful designs using the gears, and it comes with washable markers, paper pads, a design guide book, and a carry-along case with a built in desk!

4 // Washi Masking Tape Set

We have this Washi masking tape set a while ago, and it’s one of Edison’s favorite things! He uses it for just about anything and everything! He likes to add it to any craft he makes and uses it to decorate it, and also uses it on paper to make art. It’s a simple, mess-free activity and it’s so fun.

5 // Bunny

I love including little stuffed animals or dolls, they really seem to enjoy them and it’s something simple and cute.

6 // Succulent Crayon Set

I thought this succulent crayon set was so fun and different! This is a great gift you can’t go wrong with. I love getting the kids little things they can use to be creative and put their imagination into play, which crayons are always perfect for!

7 // Watering Can

A cute gift idea for your kids to use outdoors. If you have plants in your home or outdoors, you can have them help you water them, it’s something they will enjoy doing and it’s so easy and fun.

8 // Mini Sofia Bunny

The cutest little bunny dolls you need this easter! Their dresses, handbag, and headband are so cute, and they are under $50!

9 // Washable Sidewalk Chalk

This is another great gift idea for kids to get outdoors and play! Chalk can be messy, and some don’t love how long it tends to stay on the driveway/sidewalk, but these are washable so you can easily wash it off when they’re done!

10 // It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny Book

This book would be a cute little gift to put in their basket, and read at bedtime on Easter. Such a fun little story, and it’s only $6.

11 // Bracelet Kit

How cute is this bracelet kit?! Perfect little gift and activity for your little ones! You can make your own bracelets with your little one, (one for you and one for them), or have them make one with their best friend. The best part is they are sustainable and so affordable!

12 // Foam Airplane Toys

This is a fun, easy little gift idea that any kid will enjoy throwing in the air, and chasing it as it falls. Best part is they are made out of foam, so they won’t be breaking anything inside the house. 😉

13 // Butterfly Garden

I ordered this for the kids last year, it was such a fun thing to experience with them, and they ended up loving it. It has a reusable mesh basket so they can see the butterflies, and a feeding dropper as well.

14 // How to Catch the Easter Bunny

This is another cute story to include in your kid’s easter basket this year. We have this one and it’s such a cute little story to read each easter (we also read it throughout the year)!

15 // Easter Bath Bombs

Make bath time fun with these cute bath bombs! This little set includes 6 bath bombs in two different scents (mango and tangerine) and are very moisturizing and great for their skin.

16 // Vegetable Garden

I love this idea for kids who enjoy pretend play. It is a little vegetable garden that includes a few different vegetables, 4 vegetable beds, a spade, and even has a watering can and wheelbarrow.

17 // The Activ Flyer

These flying discs are a great toy to use outdoors, and it’s so easy for kids to use and play with. You can take them with you to the beach, park, or simply use them in your backyard!





kids playing toys from EASTER BASKET



kids painting eggs

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