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As difficult as it is to talk about, I wanted to share with you today some ways to help prevent SIDS since October is SIDS Awareness Month
For those of you who aren’t familiar with SIDS, it is an acronym that stands for sudden infant death syndrome.  Where an infant suddenly passes away in the middle of the night. 
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SIUD) still claims more than 3,500 infants each year in North America.  More than half of these deaths are preventable when proper safe sleep practices are followed.   To help keep all babies sleeping safely and avoid these unnecessary tragedies, HALO is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first.
​ My heart goes out to those that have experienced this in their families, my deepest condolences. 

Thankfully doctors and researchers have begun to realize probable causes that may cause an infant to pass away in their sleep. I have teamed up with HALO to share different ways to hopefully prevent SIDS. 

Many years ago, mothers were taught to have their babies sleep on their bellies. That is no longer the case. They only want the baby sleeping on their back every night. An infants neck muscles are very weak when they are first born and therefore can not pick up their heads by themselves. By having them sleep on their backs helps prevent them suffocating into the mattress. 

Something important to remember is you always want to make sure you have a firm crib mattress for the same purpose of them not being able to burry their head in a soft mattress to prevent suffocating. 

HALO and many other doctors and researchers are encouraging new mothers to stay away from all crib bedding besides the mattress itself and a crib sheet. 
That means no bumpers, pillows, extra blankets, toys, stuffed animals or anything that could possibly block a baby’s air way. 

The more simple the crib the better!!! I showed a perfect example of this above. 
HALO encourages us to ‘decorate the nursery’ not the crib. 
I couldn’t agree more!

I also wanted to share a new topic that has become a must for new mamas.
You have always been told to swaddle your baby each night for bedtime. However, researchers are discovering that sometimes a swaddle can even be dangerous by being kicked loose by the infant causing some of the blanket to block the baby’s air path.
That is why I love this velcro swaddle from HALO. Also known as theSleepSack. It is a form of a swaddle that allows the baby’s arms to be swaddled or free, depending on your desire. Not only is it so much more convenient than a typical swaddle that you have to swaddle yourself. The HALO SleepSack has an easy to access zipper, making it a dream to change diapers in the middle of the night. Hallelujah!! It also has plenty of extra fabric for those little kickers you have, so they have plenty of room to move their legs. 

I hope you begin to encourage yourself and others to start ‘decorate the nursery’ and not the crib! 

Here is some additional information HALO provides on sleep safe.

xo, Camilla 

Photography by Arielle Levy ​​​​​​​​​​

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  1. Johanna
    November 25, 2016 / 10:45 am

    Where did you get your cute emerald blanket that’s draped over the crib?

  2. rushmypapers
    May 29, 2017 / 5:57 am

    New born baby gives many more happiness and it is memorable time. Mom is important part of our life and with mother life is empty. I can feel it because i have no mother. So life is boar with out this beautiful relation.

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