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Thank heavens for my DockATot!!!
This little thing has become a huge life saver for us in the Thurman household! I started using it the day we brought Edison home from the hospital and still use it everday! Weather it is in the HALO Bassinest, down on our couch, or packed up and used for traveling, it has been worth every penny! 
If you are on the fence about splurging on one, my advice is simple. DO IT!!!!

Here’s why…

I started using the DockATot the day we brought Edison home from the hospital. I actually put it in my HALO Bassinest and it fits perfectly. Newborns love having a tight confined space since they basically lived in one for 9 months. They feel a lot more secure sleeping in something that feels tight instead of a big open space.  Edison adjusted very quickly to his DockATot and has loved it since.

I love that it is small enough that I can carry it around my house. I bring it down on my couch or any room that I am in. I love knowing that he won’t go anywhere or fall off the couch. I know he isn’t rolling yet. But for some reason it eases my mind. Ha I don’t know why I feel like he will roll right off. 

We took our DockATot to Idaho with us when we were visiting family over Christmas. We were gone for 2 weeks and stayed in 4 different homes. It wasn’t too big of a shock to Edison because he was already used to sleeping in his DockATot. He did begin to struggle with sleep a couple days we were away, but I think it was due to adjusting and being around so many different new faces and being at a new place. After being home a few days he adjusted right back. If you are going to travel with a DockATot, I would suggest keeping the bag and cardboard it comes with. I kept mine in it while I travel and it helps to keep it clean and keep it’s shape. Also good to store it in for long periods of time, until you need it again. 

Co Sleeping. Now I know many people are either all for it, or totally against it. I however, prefer not to co sleep. Only because I don’t want me or my children to be in the habit of them sleeping in my bed until they are 5. But, while we were in Idaho that is all we did. Edison slept in his DockATot in between my husband and I and it worked out great.  Not everywhere had a crib, so I loved that I still have someplace to put him where I knew was safe. 

Cleaning is a breeze. I love that I can throw it into the washing machine and hang it over the banister to dry. All you do is unzip it, take the stuffing out and you are ready for the wash. Super easy!

All in all, if you are on the fence about getting a DockATot I would highly suggest getting one. Get one that is gender neutral too. That way you feel you can use it with multiple babies. But this is hands down one of my favorite baby must haves. I am currently working on a Newborn Essential post that I will be sharing and you will be sure to see a DockATot. 
It is well worth every dollar!! 

​xo, Camilla

Photography by Arielle Levy ​​​​​​​​​​​

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