Now that it’s safer to do so, lots of people are starting to travel. People are visiting and hosting family again. We love having friends and family come visit us. Even though we welcome them year round, summer tends to be the busiest time for us. The kids are usually out of school. The weather is warmer so you can typically find us having a full house during the summer. So, now that summer is here, I’ve been getting our guest bedroom and guest bathroom ready for when we have guests over. Whether it’s friends visiting, or family, we want to make sure they feel right at home. We want them to enjoy their time while visiting us. So, today I am sharing our favorite DECOR ESSENTIALS FOR HOSTING GUESTS from the one and only Walmart.
I recently decided to do a little revamping in our guest room and bathroom since it will be put to use quite a bit this summer, and wanted to show you all how it turned out with the help of Walmart. The best part about it is I was able to complete it all with great quality and affordable items. I went for a more simple, yet cozy feel that would be perfect to complete the room.
Walmart’s new home decor items are all so cute, and give me all the tropical, relaxing vibes that I personally love for a guest bedroom. You too can create your own beautiful relaxing escape with Walmart’s new arrivals to help achieve a great welcoming space for guests this summer.
woman in the bathroom holding white towels and showing Decor Essentials for Hosting Guests

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Create a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Creating a cozy and home-like feel will definitely go a long ways in making your guests feel at home and welcome. Turn your guest bedroom into a nice, relaxing retreat for your guests. A place where they can enjoy themselves and be comfortable. Adding some candles, blankets, and the right decor will help create a cozy, welcoming space that your guests will enjoy. This is something you can really have fun with and decorate according to your liking.

I personally like to keep it simple, yet tasteful by adding some decorative pieces like art, mirrors, pillows etc. Walmart has so many adorable and affordable pieces to complete the space. However, you don’t want to add too much or it could get overwhelming. The goal is to create a familiar and inviting vibe for your guests. Other things you can do to help create a welcoming and inviting space for your guests is adding a coffee bar station, setting out a snack basket, and setting out extra blankets as well.


Stock Up On All Necessities

Stock up on all basic necessities and essentials that you think your guests may need. Prepare the guest bedroom and bathroom by making sure there are extra linens, towels, blankets, toilet paper, and other things you may be running low on. I am the type of host who likes to make sure we have everything you need accessible and on hand. From a blow dryer to extra hair brushes, we got it covered.

I personally try to think about all the things that I would look for and need when staying at a nice hotel. Then I try to provide that for my guests. If possible, provide a basket of toiletries just in case any of your guests may have forgotten any. Some items you could include are travel sized shampoos, soap, body wash, toothpaste, lotion, toothbrushes etc. Guests might feel uncomfortable having to ask for things they need. They may feel like they’re a bother, so it never hurts to stock the guest bedroom up with extras. Providing extras will help guests feel welcome, comfortable and at home.


Make Space

When preparing to have guests stay at your home, make sure the area where they will be staying in is clean. Also, that they have more than enough space for all their personal belongings. Create space for their suitcase/bags, or maybe clear out a shelf or drawer just in case they need the extra space. Your guests will greatly appreciate the thought and gesture, and will probably thank you for it. Living out of a suitcase is not easy, nor is it fun.


Add the Finishing Touches

Lastly, add some personal finishing touches throughout the home, while paying extra attention to the guest bedroom, since it’s probably where they will be spending quite a bit of their time. Make sure the bed is beautifully made, and that it has clean sheets as well. If you happen to know their favorite snack or drinks, you could leave a cute basket out full of goodies for them to enjoy.

I personally love to add more perfect essentials, like new fresh, fluffy towels, a candle to make the bedroom smell nice and feel cozy, and even cotton balls and q-tips stored in cute canisters. Other nice gestures you could do for your guests are sharing your Wi-Fi password. You can also set up a TV for entertainment. Providing an extra charger for them to use is also nice. These small gestures will definitely go a long way in helping make your guests feel welcome and making sure they enjoy their stay.


white towels on a sink for Decor Essentials for Hosting Guests




bathroom with a framed image of the beach and hanging towels bathroom with a framed image of the beach and hanging towels


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  1. Laura Leigh
    June 1, 2021 / 8:40 am

    such a good post GF! looking forward to having more guests this summer!

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