Easter is already around the corner, and it made me realize that I need to start thinking about getting Easter baskets together for the kids! I thought I would put together a few gift ideas, so today I am sharing CUTE EASTER BASKET IDEAS FOR KIDS. I’ve got  a few items I will be including in their baskets this year, as well as a few others they already have and love! I usually like to keep it simple and include some fun activities or small toys I think they would love and enjoy. These are all really great and affordable gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and the kiddo’s will be thrilled about!

If you already have everything for your kids Easter Baskets this year, I just shared several simple Easter home decor favorites in my latest Navy Grace Newsletter HERE.



kids Easter Basket gift ideas

kids Easter Basket gift ideas






mini voyager drawstring bag



1 // Melissa & Doug Safari Chunky Puzzle

The kids really enjoy puzzles, and I thought this one would be great to add in their baskets. They are a great way to challenge their minds, and is a great activity for them.


2 // Cuddle + Kind Mia the Dog

I always love including little toys like this in baskets! Lucy has a few of these and absolutely adores them. They are great quality, adorable, and I love what the company stands for!


3 // Dino Eggs Dig Kit

Got this Dino egg kit for Edison last year and he absolutely loves it! It has 12 different dinosaurs they can dig up using the tools it comes with, and they can also learn about each dinosaur using the learning cards as they go.


4 // Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Kit

You can never go wrong with getting your kids kinetic sand! It is a great activity for kids that will definitely keep them busy and entertained for a couple of hours. They have so many different kits available, but I thought this would be a great option anyone will enjoy!


5 // Egg Color and Shape Recognition Puzzle 

This matching egg color and shape puzzle is a great way for little ones to learn their colors and shapes while playing. We got this for Lucy a few weeks ago (see my latest amazon purchases HERE) and she loves these! It’s great for their fine motor skills, and it is super affordable.


6 // Coloring Roll 

This coloring roll is absolutely amazing and a great mess-free way for kids to color! It includes coloring pencils, and the designs are so cute and fun! We have gone through probably 3 rolls now.


7 // Mini Voyager 4-6 yr Old Kit

Mini Voyager was started earlier last year by my close friend and this is a company every mom needs to know about. We just got these for both Edison and Lucy and was able to customize each kit to find things that I feel would be the best fit for them. I know the kits say they are for traveling, but honestly they can be used for so much more. My plan is to keep these kits very special and only bring them out for traveling, road trips, church, and maybe when restaurants open back up to keep the kids entertained and happy.

8 // Piggy Bank

This is one of Lucy’s favorite toys ever, she absolutely loves it and it keeps her entertained for a good minute. It has tons of sing-along songs, phrases, and sounds your little one can learn while playing, and it is great for their fine motor skills.


9 // Sing-Along Karaoke Microphone

The kids have this karaoke microphone, and they love it. It is bluetooth, so they can use any karaoke apps by connecting it to a phone, tablet, or computer.


10 // Melissa & Doug First Shapes Jumbo Puzzle

Lucy really enjoys puzzles, and I thought this one would be another one she would enjoy so I am ordering it and including it in her basket. It is super simple and under $10.

11 // Flashlight Seek & Find Book

We got this for Edison and he really enjoys using this book. It’s a great activity for traveling, or on the go, and it is super affordable and a simply activity to include in your Easter Basket!


12 // Mini Puzzle Building Blocks

I came across this and thought these little puzzle building blocks were something Edison would enjoy. There are so many different things you can build, and it is a great way to get creating and think outside the box.


13 // Sculpture Science Kit

This kit is a really cool way for kids to create silly sculptures while learning science concepts. It will definitely keeps your littles busy and entertained, and it is under $30.


14 // Doctor Kit

The kids currently own this doctor kit and they love! It’s so fun to watch them pretend play, and see their imaginations come out. It includes 12 different pieces which all make realistic sounds, and it is under $30.


15 // Mini Voyager 12m-2 yr Old Kit

As I mentioned in #7, I got this kit for Lucy and customized it to what I thought she’d like best. They are perfect for so many occasions, and will keep your little one’s entertained while on the go!


16 // Double Stomp Rocket

This double stomp rocket would make for a great, fun, competitive game for siblings or friends. The kids loved the one I got them last spring and of course we have lost almost all the rockets. Time to get a new one. I love that this one has two stomps! Definitely a great outdoor activity, and it is currently under $20.


17 // Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set

Ordering this cupcake set to put in their baskets this year, it’s perfect for beach days and I think they will love it! It’s a fun way for them to get creating while “building” and they can even decorate them as well. It is currently on sale and under $15.


18 // Assorted Vegetable Set

This assorted vegetable set is a fun pretend play toy for kids, and is great for their imaginations. It even comes with a cutting board and a “knife” and the vegetables are sliceable, which makes it a little more realistic for them.


19 // Butterfly Growing Kit

Ordering this butterfly growing kit for the kids this year, it is such a great way for them to experience a cool part of nature, and I think they will enjoy it. It has a reusable mesh basket to easily view the butterflies, and a feeding dropper as well. Probably my favorite Easter Basket Gift ideas.


mini voyager toys kids Easter Basket gift ideas


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kids Easter Basket gift ideas

kids Easter Basket gift ideas

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