Quinny stroller (available in this color too) |  off the shoulder dress: Chicwish  |  red sandals: Sole Society 

Happy Mama Monday!

I have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Yet I find myself saying I wish time would slow down. Is that even possible to speed time up, but slow time down at the same time??
Edison can finally ride in a stroller without being in his carseat. We have been loving ourQuinny Mood stroller these summer days. Beach strolls around the prettiest neighborhoods, wishing it were my own. 
ThisQuinny Mood stroller is easy to unfold and does it automatically for you. Other perks I love is reversible seats as well as a one hand recline with 6 different positions for your babies desire. We are especially loving the fact that the seat can face towards me or away from me. Edison definitely prefers to face outward. He is sick of looking ONLY at his mama. 
He normally doesn’t last too long in his carseat when attached to the stroller. Maybe 30 minutes. But now that he can see the world in this outward faced stroller he is happy and content for an hour or more, I think snacks help too 🙂 

I wanted to go ahead and share several other strollers that I love right now, many on a major sale! Like this one here, here and here
I have also had my eye on several larger umbrella strollers for traveling. The two times we have flown on a plane we haven’t taken a stroller due to lack of space. But the older Edison gets the harder it will be to ALWAYS carry him. So we need a small compact stroller that we can travel with. I would love to hear what your favorite travel strollers are?  Let me know. 

Another question I had for #MomTalkMondayNG is how many naps does  (did) your 8 month old take a day? How many naps does your 1 year old take? Right now Edison is taking a good long morning nap about 2 hours after he wakes up. Usually anywhere between an hour and a half to 2 and a half hours. Then he is awake for 2-3 hours before he takes a quick 30 to an hour nap in the car. Then again awake for 2-3 hours before he is ready for his last nap of the day. Usually just a 30 minute nap. These naps generally happen in the car when we are on the go. Somedays I do try to put him in his crib. 
I’m thinking I would love to get him on a 2 naps a day schedule. Does that seem accurate for his age? How did you go about getting your baby to take a longer 2nd nap for the day? 
Any tips would really be appreciative. 

xo, Camilla 


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  1. Natali
    July 17, 2017 / 8:54 am

    You are looking adorable in this “mommy on duty” outfit! I love your off the shoulders dress. 🙂

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