trench coat: H&M – found in stores. similar here + here
striped sweater: Zara – similar 
jeans: similar here 
booties: Shoemint
handbag: Michael Kors – smaller version here

If you haven’t noticed already, I have been on a camel, black + white kick. It seems as though, those are the only colors I see in my closet or any store I shop! oops! I promise I will venture out this next week with brighter colors! 
I have been having so much fun this winter season searching for long coats, and trench coats that will tie me over for next winter as well. Call me crazy, but I love the long knee length padded coats I would rather look a little goofy and warm, than cute and miserable! I have gathered a bunch of other coats I have had my eye on this winter. Which style are you liking this year?

This look is photographed by Ashley Schmidt from @ashleyschmidtphoto

xoxo – Camilla

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